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  1. Hello, Have you found a caregiver yet or are you still looking?
  2. Organic grower that provides 4-6 different strains has room for 1 more patient. PM me for more info or details
  3. I watched the video and it was worth the time spent. I have a greenhouse at home (non cannabis) and learn so much from watching green house growing and gardening videos. Thanks again...
  4. I have heard of the strain but haven't grown it or know anyone around me who does. Here is a link to his site that also sells other seeds. I haven't used them nor checked them out to ensure they are legit.... Good Luck! http://kylekushman.com/community/products/seeds/
  5. I'm looking for 2 patients in the Oakland County area... I am a military veteran who started to grow for my own medicine in the early 90's and would also like to help others. I have room for 2 more patients and I look forward to talking to anyone interested in making me your caregiver. Military veterans welcome! Note: I grow 100% Organically in soil and only use biological control of pest insects like beneficial nematodes vs chemical spray or other... Thanks...
  6. Hello, I'm a newbie here and have been growing for years and am looking to become a Caregiver to help military veterans like myself to attain quality medicine. I am going to setup a solid perpetual growing system and I would like to see pictures or meet one or two solid perpetual local growers who have their grow running like a machine. I have read through a lot of great threads here which shows the depth of knowledge and experience within the members. I am not looking to attempt this in a few tents but rather a dedicated space designed and setup to flow the plants through.a 72 plant ma
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