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  1. I was denied without a reason. I reapplied and was reinstated. Did they cash your check? If so just reapply. Make sure all your information is correct.
  2. Does anybody know when the next THCF clinic will Be in Marquette? It has been the end of January the last two years.
  3. 5 weeks in and things look great. keep you posted.
  4. I am 2 weeks into flower with 2 180 spectra's from growhydroled. I have 6 plants in a 3 x 5 tent. I have 3 blueberry x williams wonder, 1 bluberry afghani, 2 maple leaf indica. I will let you know how things go. 2 weeks in and I am being very optimistic. Things are lookming good and will post my results.
  5. Hang in there. It took 148 days for me. Check cashed Feb. 7. Card arrivewd June 25.
  6. It's here, it's here, it's here! 148 days later it's here! Please call youyr state rep if you need action, thats how I finally got mine. It's here!!!
  7. 148 days after my check was cashed, my card is here. It took calling my state rep and complaining about the MDCH. Mike Prusi is my rep and I told them they would be receiving my vote next election. Please call your rep if you want action. I gotta go and smoke a big spliff of Wonderberry to celebrate this joyous day. remember, call and complain to your state rep.
  8. Call you state rep if you want imediate action.
  9. I called Mike Prusi's office 517-373-7840. They made some calls and said I should have my card by the end of the week. I strongly recomend calling your state represenative if you need help getting your card. The MDCH seems to respond better to thier call.
  10. Day 131 and no card. What the $@)$; is going on!
  11. I called Sen Prusi office and let them know about The MDCH tardyness with cards. 128 days and counting and still no card. Prusi's # 1866-3052038. Call if you have not recieved your card.
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