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  1. Go nuclear. 35% H202 @ 3ML/gallon. Bye bye aphids. I'd wear gloves. Highly corrosive stuff. I sterilize my reservoirs with it
  2. If you're trying to grow bigger flowers get a bigger / more light. Plants make their own food through photosynthesis, and they will grow bigger flowers if they have more light. General Hydroponics makes excellent products and is a great choice. I run maxi grow and maxi bloom. I occasionally use a cal-mag supplement on certain strains that require it. I always add floralicious plus in flower. I wouldn't use all the other voodoo products they sell, but their flora and maxi series are outstanding products and priced reasonably. When I upgraded from two 600w lights to two 1000w lights my cola size doubled as did my yield. I went from 1# with 2x600w to 2# 4grams with 2x1000w. Fertilizer didn't change and had no relevance to flower size. Light did. Upgrade your light. Leave your fertilizer alone.
  3. Hempy buckets are a great way to get into hydro and they do not require electric. Checkout my pics. I couldn't imagine growing any other way. It's just too easy. Baby got trunk. Hash plant from feminized seed vegged for 60 days. Below the canopy we keep things tidy and need. Two 1000 watt lights over the canopy. Last harvest of my maui waui. Great strain. Beautiful purple color from genetics by an Oregon breeder, Jefferson State Seed Co. I kept a mother of her. Cut clones 4 weeks into flower. Took 4 weeks to get her to re veg, but now she's mine forever I water all my ladies in the flower room with my water wand and pump. Makes watering day much easier. I'm no fan of hauling buckets. I've done soil with great results. I've done and continue to do hydro with great results. I stay with this system because of the high yield output and high quality of the flowers it produces. As you can see there are no air lines or water lines running to my buckets. If the power goes out my lights won't fire, but my plants will not die like DWC, NFT, or flood and drain. Hempy buckets rock!
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