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  1. Yes, hopefully. I really wanted to add onto it. Helpful for someone in 2020.
  2. Very interesting thread. There should not be any potential threats to "medical" Marijuana used in the correct dose. Medical Marijuana is quite effective in controlling chronic pain in millions of Americans today. One Harvard study also mentions that medical cannabis is safer than using opiates. It eases the pain for multiple sclerosis, too- it is not a hard sedative. People with Parkinson's also report less tremors after taking it. Conditions like endometriosis and fibromyalgia are treated effectively. So it must be doing something well in our endocannabinoid system.
  3. I think that juicing raw cannabis is interesting. Ingesting raw cannabis can help issues of systemic lupus. Raw cannabis can also be used with organic fruit and vegetable. A wheat-grass blender can easily be used with large quantities of leaf and raw cannabis. It leads to immediate relief for nausea. Leafy greens help to contain high levels of Vitamin K that also watches over the liver from metabolizing much from drugs- so raw cannabis can make too. Juicing cannabis helps to get rid of any free radicals as it as anti-cancer compound benefits too. Over
  4. There is a rising interest in the use of medical cannabis, which a non-intoxicating form of cannabinoid. FDA has approved CBD in the form of Epidiolex, which a purified CBD medication that is used for oral administration for the healing of even infantile refractory syndromes as by FDA-2018. Moreover, the World Health Organization plans to reschedule the use of cannabis or cannabinoids. However, CBD is not totally risk-free. The main issue lies with the central nervous system, along with hypotension. The best thing is that CBD has therapeutic efficacy for as grave problems as Dravet. CBD
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