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  1. And what about the enclosure must be contiguous to a building meant for drying and curing? Will I have to build a shed up to building code or something
  2. My question is ... is the welded fence LEGAL
  3. I had 100x100 brush hogged for me, was figuring I give 5 feet of separation between plants I was under the impression that a top is required?
  4. I know the law states something like chain link fencing or wooden slats or something to prevent general public from entering without tools. Does anyone know if this would include heavy duty welded wire deer fencing? Would this include POLYPROPYLENE deer fencing? This fence would also require some kind of snips to cut through This is for a 100 ft by 100ft enclosure (with a top and a locked gate) that will be for 60 plants (me and 4 patients) outdoor on private hunting land, stealthily cut down into and surrounded by fields 10ft cat tails not visible to any home or road
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