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  1. Hey! Did you know that most of the time, since 2008 and before, Michigan police and prosecutors have been failing to accuse people of a crime on the face of the complaint/information when it comes to marijuana charges? https://youtube.com/watch?v=qQuWpEWCLL8 Here, Timothy J Kelly, a judge for the 74th District Court in Bay City, Michigan told me at my arraignment that he was not aware that the "complaint" was supposed to have an accusation of criminal conduct that I was alleged to have violated. Instead of doing the only thing he was empowered to do, dismiss the case against me, he instead ordered me to jail without bail. If you have been charged on a complaint that reads as follows: "contrary to MCL; 333.7401(2)(d)(i), (ii) or (iii)" Your complaint fails on it's face to accuse you of a crime which allows a county prosecutor to prosecute you without ever accusing you of a crime which relieves him/her of the duty and burden of proving the elements of a crime to the jury. The courts are supposed to catch this error because in cases like this where the court lacks the required subject-matter jurisdiction the only thing the court can do is dismiss the case against you. They are without power/authority to do anything but dismiss the case. Every time a complaint is written in this manner the court lacked the required subject-matter jurisdiction to try or hear your case and every case heard where the charges were not specified in violation of Michigan Court Rule 6.101, Michigan law, and the Michigan and Federal Constitution(s) are void from the beginning. Dig out your complaint and Information documents (1 or 2 pages) and get these documents to me if they are written like the example above. Michigan prosecutors in all 83 counties began a statewide effort to change the language in the complaint and Information templates used all over the state and could not decide how to charge people after the MMMA was enacted in 2008 so they left it blank and used the incomplete template to charge people without specifying the crime that the person was to be charged with. This is NOT a mere technicality but rather a constitutional violation that leaves the court in perpetual want of jurisdiction over the subject-matter. If your lawyer didn't find this issue on your charging documents it is because he didn't want to find it. The difference to a lawyer is in his resulting bill for your defense. If he found and addressed this issue his bill to you would be between $150.00 and $300.00 where defending you on the other issues (Sec. 4 or Sec 8 of the MMMA) he could bill you in the tens of thousands. Additionally, Michigan lawyers are not allowed by the courts to defend you using this information as it perfectly demonstrates the appearance of impropriety on behalf of the courts themselves as they are and have been without power to try these cases. To hide this issue from the defendant, the prosecutor fails to show you (serve upon you) the complaint prior to your arraignment. (Also a notice defect that equally nullifies the proceedings against you) Everyone that has been prosecuted in this manner is a class member in one of the largest class action suits against the state of Michigan. Email a scanned image of your complaint and information to the Michigan Justice League at: MIJusticeLeague@gmail.com. Even if you plead guilty to the charges the court lacked the required subject-matter jurisdiction and your charges will be vacated. Encourage everyone you know that has been charged for marihuana to forward their complaints to the Michigan Justice League as soon as possible. Peace and may God bless us all!
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