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  1. Ohh, this is terrible. I sympathize with you. I know what it feels like to feel that your mother has health problems and you can't even help her. I myself faced this, but my situation was not so terrible and my mother just had problems with menstruation. More precisely, we thought that these were ordinary problems, but in the end it turned out that she was menopause. We would not have known this if it had not been for the tests from myhealthconfirm.com . We bought them and after we saw the result we understood everything and it was a serious blow for her, but she coped.
  2. Hi guys. First of all sorry for bringing this thread up, but I thought that it is stupis to make another thread for my question, so.. I need your help. I recently discovered that I have migraines once a month and I am thinking about starting to take kratom. Will it help me cope with a severe headache?
  3. Dude, I understand how hard it is because I went through it myself three years ago. It was the most terrible period in my life. I never thought I'd run into drugs, but after two pills, I had a strong desire to get more. Soon, I realized that I could not saddle anything and turned to my brother for help. He read a lot to help me and found out about Kratom on Kratomrack.com. He found the best kratom producers there and ordered a batch of kratom powder for me. I used it once every two days and it helped me to get rid of heavy drug addiction.
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