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  1. If you’ve been feeling sadness you can’t shake or lack of interest in activities you once enjoyed, you may be suffering from depression — and you’re not alone. Depression affects some 350 millionTrusted Source people across the globe. This common mood disorder is the leading causeTrusted Source of disability worldwide. Yet many people who have depression do not get the help they need. There are many treatments currently available, including oral medications and different therapies. Researchers are beginning to explore medicinal marijuana as an additional treatment. Here’s more about the use of medical marijuana for depression, its benefits, and its possible side effects.
  2. Dude, this is actually very strange. I can ride a bike for 100 km and I do not feel any weakness. It seems to me that you do not have migraines because you could not ride for so long. I assume you have health problems. This is the only reason . Also, a headache can occur due to heavy loads or hot weather. So this is definitely not a migraine. I know one solution, but after using this substance it is best not to ride a bike because you will feel very weak. I'm talking about kratom. I tried to use it a couple of times and it significantly improves physical and mental health.
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