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  1. Wow. This hasn't been updated in a Long While. 1st- I see very small ratios. I no longer bother using trim. I decarboxalate my greens. Perfectly. When I used trim, I used a 2:1 Ratio. Bud- 1:1 Ratio. 1 part cannabis = 1g/Bud; or 2g/Good sugar leaf; or 1/2g/kief ... 1 liquid ounce- is the 2nd measurement in my ratio. So, for 1lb butter = 16g/Bud:16oz Butter. This yields 110- 130mg/thc/tsp... or 32g/Trim:16ozButter... Or 8g/Kief:16ozButter Why not, clarify your butter (takes About 30 minutes, prep/start/finish) then, add Decarbed cannabis. If the "green taste" is an issue.
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