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  1. Wow. This hasn't been updated in a Long While. 1st- I see very small ratios. I no longer bother using trim. I decarboxalate my greens. Perfectly. When I used trim, I used a 2:1 Ratio. Bud- 1:1 Ratio. 1 part cannabis = 1g/Bud; or 2g/Good sugar leaf; or 1/2g/kief ... 1 liquid ounce- is the 2nd measurement in my ratio. So, for 1lb butter = 16g/Bud:16oz Butter. This yields 110- 130mg/thc/tsp... or 32g/Trim:16ozButter... Or 8g/Kief:16ozButter Why not, clarify your butter (takes About 30 minutes, prep/start/finish) then, add Decarbed cannabis. If the "green taste" is an issue. I make butter, that averages 110mg/tsp... I DO Not waste my time on trim. I use 1:1 Gram/Oz for All infusion- AS A Base. I never use bud that isn't Perfectly Decarbed. Yes- I Can make that claim. Clarify Butter: Ingredients: Unsalted Butter 1 lb Heavy bottom 2.5 quart pot. (A White enamel interior- will help you learn to "SEE" the process even better) Silicone spatula A cheesecloth, A fine mesh strainer, Funnel, Glass jar In your sauce pan... on medium-low heat, melt all 4 sticks of butter. Slowly, is your best friend in this process. Use a thermometer as needed, you do Not want any boiling, a very light simmer. 130° F is the ideal temperature for 20 minutes. Stirring Gently, occassionally- but never touching the bottom of the pan and mixing the solids back into the butter. You will see the milk solids separate from the butter. A foam will float to the top, and some will sink to the bottom. Skim the foam off of the top of the butter gently, the butter color will change as well, a pretty golden color. After 20 minutes, of extremely mild simmer pour the pan over your cheesecloth/strainer, into a quart jar. If you are confident in your clarified butter, you can pour it into a butter mold, or a portion mold, so you have an easy time using it. Ghee infuses with cannabis in a way that is indescribable. The taste is amazing, the nuttier flavor of ghee- certainly helps to cover. And the shelf life is much longer. Infused Ghee, lends itself well to flavored butters Ex: Fresh Ground Garlic cloves, whipped in for a beautiful, fresh Garlic butter, Cinnamon and Sugar- for Delectable toast, Infused Ghee- as a base for homemade royal icing. The possibilities are Truly endless!! The idea, is to remove the milk fat and milk fat solids from being homogenized. Clarifying (cleaning) the impurities from the butter. In turn, making a nuttier flavored, healthier alternative, to processed butter. As well as a better taste. Clarified Butter (Ghee) has a 450° smoking point- meaning you can Fry with it.
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