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  1. Am I the only one that still never tried marijuana? Well, I am not against it, but I have never smoked anything in my life, and I am a bit afraid and of marijuana. Even if I have many acquaintances that are involved in businesses in this domain, I was never attracted by it. My brother actually has a cannabis seeds store in the UK, and he worked a lot to grow it successfully. It's noticeable to see, what popularity gained cannabis among us, and how it became a regular using product. I think that consumed it correctly doesn't cause any danger.
  2. In this case, it is much better to buy cannabis on the black market
  3. I also found some information, that marijuana can help in problems with stress, and it is recommended by doctors
  4. That is the information I was in need, thank you man!
  5. Well, i am not really sure if these sites are legal, however there are tons of sites, where you can buy marijuana, and any kind of marijuana products. I actually used the services of a couple of these sites, and everything went just fine. However, recently i moved to Toronto, and i didn't know where the locals actually get the stuff. So i googled for some websites where i can order some weed. So i found (No outside links allowed in open forums) and i can tell you that they are really great, the stuff is awesome and the staff is really kind!
  6. Hello, actually yes, marijuana isn't so dangerous for your health as other might think. In fact, it has a lot of benefits and it is also used in medicine as a cure to different diseases like anxiety, depression or insomnia, because it stimulates the secretion of melatonin hormone, which responds for the desire to sleep. CBD and THC products are also used in cases of cancer, as way to decrease pains caused by the tumor. Today there are a lot ways to find those products, you can even order them on internet, on different websites like https://www.healthcanal.com/brands/kats-botanicals-review just take your chances and try it, I am sure you won't be disappointed.
  7. Guys, guys chill with the politics, I see here so many adequate comments with sense of humor and common sense, but when it goes to politics the road is changed towards "deliriumland". Something like kratom is not that harmful as can be milk on shelter at local stores. I’m thinking to be fully independent of corporate who are willing to cut numbers of humans on earth by 500mil or 1bil. This is one of their weapons, food, water and drugs. Now in 2020 will be vaccines, ooohhh how people need to understand that. Check https://kratomgallery.com/ for more kratom at the best possible market online.
  8. Vaping has essence impurities so basically it's like smoking clean THC without everything else, get straight to the point so called. Well, I’m not a professional at the moment. I’m learning from this website https://vapeandjuice.co.uk/pages/best-vape-starter-kit , they have good advices and best vape kits as I see, plus google reviews prove it. Check also video (linked to youtube.com) with guide for most common mistakes people do when they buy their first kit. Explore the website besides this page and see other features/articles.
  9. TBH, I don't grow it at all. Because it's too much of a headache. I tried to do that, but it just died. Because I live alone and didn't show up at my place for about 2 weeks. It died without water. I've decided NOT to do it. Unless I will change my lifestyle. Right now I'm buying weed from the most reliable company. The New York Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery company sells perfect weed. Despite the fact the weed is "medical", it gives nice relaxing effect just like it's suppose to.
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