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  1. Very good insight, thank you!!
  2. @blackhorse okay, so it’s just coming a little early then... I was expecting 2nd week of august like you were saying. Should I do anything differently then?
  3. i tried my best for a clear photo without going over the size limit.. let me know if that works! @glued gorilla
  4. thanks @glued gorilla for the reply, ill get a whole plant pic in a second, ill run outside. it was a mother plant for im not sure how long so it was started from seed, i have had it outside since july 7 so i would think it still has 3-4 weeks of veg left still, some time early mid september? mostly just wanted to make sure it wasnt anything wrong, obviously you cant control the light cycle so much outdoors so if it starts to flower it is what it is.
  5. the photos are not showing up for some reason.. only as downloads. this should work
  6. hey guys, quick question, my plant started growing what looks to me like buds? its still in veg and is an outdoor grow, i am just not sure if this is normal or if its going in to flowering already? thanks for any info!! IMG_1467.HEIC IMG_1468.HEIC
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