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  1. Thanks everyone! We are flowering like crazy with 75+ topS
  2. I’m getting worried now. Still has not started showing buds / flowering. Do I have enough season left?!
  3. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give a beginner a few tips I do appreciate it
  4. Not sure about the rub technique. Can you give a few tips
  5. Wow! This actually never dawned on me. I do have 3 small led yard lights in my back yard. Usually one is within 10-15 feet of my plant. I’ll take them out today
  6. Every day I wake up hoping to see that my plant has started flowering nope not yet today
  7. Is it normal to have some pistils orange in color? Some of the old ones are orange they new ones are white
  8. This is a clone so it’s hard to tell if flowering started what do y’all think
  9. Haha darn! Is this because it already has three months of veg?
  10. When do you think the stretch will start? Still two weeks away?
  11. Thanks for the re search. I was only able to find skin deep information nothing is substantial except basic stats
  12. (There is also a tomatoe cage in there that I used to bend and spread branch out under all that). It seemS like every time I Stretch her out and spread her open she took off growing again
  13. I’ve tried to top it every step along the way. I’ve tried to tie down the plant to stretch her out and encourage more growth.
  14. I would be happy if I got 2 ounces of something enjoyable
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