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  1. It’s true I haven’t personally sought out the original growers of cultivars, as you mentioned this would be a nearly impossible task after years of genetic preservation and breeding. I travel to large grows all over Michigan and analyze their product, I have the blessing of seeing many seed companies/breeders which are currently testing with high active compounds. I have no doubt there are still small time breeders with a great amount of success just as there always have been, I just haven’t seen them. Always learning!
  2. Hi I am a caregiver located in Clarkston MI. I have been growing organically in soil for over 6 years, and have horticulture and kinesiology degrees from Michigan State. I work as an analytical chemist in a state cannabis compliance laboratory, I understand the plants very well. I would be happy to grow strains of your choosing, as well as make trips for you. I have the ability to make high quality Rosin and Edibles, and am currently in the process of special ordering a custom industry-standard freeze drier for the freshest rosin and flower you can experience. I have researched and wi
  3. Sounds like you need a new caregiver I’d be happy to sign you up. Right here on this forum. I’m actually looking for patients.
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