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  1. Skilled caregiver looking for 1 to 2 qualified patients. I specialize in high quality flower, tincture, RSO and cannabutter. I have a variety of options available. Message me if you have questions or need help getting your license, etc.
  2. Typo sorry. Its Rick Simpson. Otherwise called RSO.
  3. Rick Simmons Oil is great for a consistent sleep.
  4. It sounds like your room is too humid, catching mildew isn't the problem. You will need a venting system in the room or a dehumidifier. Since it is already there I might suggest Green Clean to clean off the mildew that is on there right now
  5. I like to us a pesticide that offers residual control, you've gotta catch it early because they reproduce fast.
  6. I love Coco! I did use Promix for my first grow and Coco increased my yield a TON. I mix mine 3:1, 3 parts Coco to one part perlite. Helpful hint** You will be watering a little more frequently then just straight Promix.
  7. I make RSO. It's a process but very beneficial.
  8. Caregiver looking for a patent in the Kent County area. I will drive to you or we can meet somewhere. I have been growing for a little over a year, this next crop will be my third harvest. Message me if you would like to set up a time to talk about what you are looking for.
  9. Yes, they get more orange as they mature, these are usually strain dependent. They will get darker as they mature.
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