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  1. STEVE HAGAR: "There are 50 million pot smokers in America ... and unless the government takes us all out and shoots us, we're not going to back down," he said. "We know the truth about marijuana We'll die for this cause”. A scarcity of internationally grown outdoor equatorial cannabis smuggled into the USA replaced by cocaine, created a demand for a domestic market… a Domestic indoor market…a Domestic indoor market identifying the hidden demand in the black market and monitored users and cultivators from start to finish‘The Government pushed growers indoors," sa
  2. The concept of the Domestic Cannabis Eradication/ Suppression Program (DCE/SP) began in 1979 with combined Federal, state, and local eradication efforts in Hawaii and California. The DCE/SP has involved participants in all 50 states. To encourage participation in the DCE/SP, DEA provides financial assistance to state and local agencies that support the program. The participants shared $3.8 million in each of the past three years. During 1987, indoor cannabis cultivation emerged as a significant and increasing problem. During 1988, DEA deve
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