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  1. Thanks for the reply. At max capacity I'm planning on 36 1000w HPS flowering lights, 12 600w metal halide veg lights, so: (36x1000w) + (12x600w)=43,200 watts. 4 inline fans at 300w each: 4x 300w=1200w. 18 55w room fans: 18x55w=990w. Total wattage so far: 45,390 watts. 2 10 ton 3 phase AC units: 70,080 watts. 45,390w+70,080w=115,470 watts net 115,470 watts /240volts=481.125 amps? It seems a little excessive! ~Leaphie
  2. New poster, long-time lurker. 671 amps! That seems like a lot. Can someone check my math? Amps=watts/volts. My total system with lights and ac units will be 80,430 watts net. Do I divide this by 120 volts or 240 volts? If I divide by 120 volts I get 671 amps, if I divide by 240 volts I get 335amps. What's the typical volt service in Michigan? If it's 240 volts, are there 2 120 arm power sources? How does this translate to watts? 24,000watts or 48,000 watts in a typical 200amp breaker? Any advice is appreciated! ~Leaphie
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