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  1. Hi! Today, many new gambling websites can be found on World Wide Web, and unfortunately, not all of them are good. I am not a gambler, but it sometimes happens to play on free slots buffalo. They offer a lot of cool bonuses for new players. Take a look by yourself if you are interested. I am sure you won't be disappointed about it.
  2. Forgot to say that as with all edibles, it'll take more time to feel the effects, so start with a smaller dose, and wait 45 minutes to an hour before taking more.
  3. Great news! I want to give advice: try getting CBD or a mix of THC/CBD. Stick to indicas for sleep. One potential issue with the edibles is the sugar content in the gummies or chocolates, etc.
  4. To be honest, I thought whether it was worth growing hemp myself for a long time. And then all the circumstances came together. Nice flowers you have there, nice job! Could you please advise which seeds are best for beginners? These guys https://wayofleaf.com/ advise "Sinex" or "Northern Lights". I'm confused...
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