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    Spaghetti Farm got a reaction from Restorium2 in Long time caregiver seeking patients in Mid Michigan - High quality distilled RSO/Edibles/topicals/flower   
    Long time licensed caregiver who is working with a cancer patient to treat an intestinal cancer that cannot be removed from surgery. This project has taught us so much and we have created such a high quality product that we want to share and help others in a similar situation. We are looking for people in the mid Michigan area (Howell – Fenton – Durand - Owosso) who already have medical cards or are willing to obtain them. We are exploring the possibility of starting a small medical co-op to help people in the area that are not served by a dispensary to obtain their medicine at a higher qualities and more reasonable rates. You shouldn't have to choose between driving long distances and into major cities right now to obtain your medicine. Its time for Mid-Michigan to have more options than having to go to Flint or Lansing and having to pay and arm and a leg for what are often sub par products.  
    Our process: First we started out with a broad strained outdoor crop that was grown with nothing but organic fertilizers and compost tea. There were 6 different strains in the crop all hybrids and mostly Indica leaning. Very healthy happy plants that were harvested with ~20% amber trichomes.
    Trimming: We used a brush trimmer to gently remove the sugar leaves and fan leaves producing a very high quality trim that is absolutely covered in pollen and crystals. This trim was carefully dried and cured so that no mold was ever present. We also kept all of our stems to be processed into oil for a broad spectrum of the plant.
    Distillation Process:
    We are using a modified soxhlet extraction utilizing Pure Food Grade Kosher Ethanol as a solvent. We are doing multiple chemical free filtration processes along with chemical free winterization. Upon completion of this very thorough extraction process we than again remove any extra filler that might be left. The only thing that is ever added to the flower is the ethanol which is fully evaporated before the extract can be called medicine.
    This is a very potent and high quality finished medical product. No corners were cut. This is what you want to treat serious pain and ailments. We have created various different ways to use the oil and easily incorporate it into your life. Different options we are currently offering:
    5g Full spectrum cannabis oil syringes
    2.5g FSCO cooking oil syringes
    250 mg chocolate bars that contain various herbs to help in maximizing your bodies digestion of the medicine.
    90/105/275 mg cookies
    20/40/60 mg chocolate kisses
    60 - 200 mg capsules 
    By using distillation we are able to create the highest quality oils that retain the full spectrum of benefits derived from this magical plant.
    Serious inquiries please contact. Thank you all, God Bless.

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