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  1. Prices are criminal . No way anyone on disability or SS can afford it . I'm gathering up equipment as I can . Goal is an indoor garden to kickoff next year .
  2. Restorium2 thanks for the link . You're right just go for it . First need to see if I can get something to harvest . Don't have room & more important knowledge to deal with clones at this time . I'm sure in time & with experience I'll find my place . Space & funds might dictate as to what I choose but it's got to beat the high priced & limited dispensary wares . Is there a kind of reference book , website etc. where one can learn what each strains characteristics ? Was thinking it would help me pick what I want . Some strains are a royal PITA & I just want easy going
  3. Oh I'm sure there's others that I'll like , just aint run across them yet .
  4. Straight up I'm old & don't know much about how to choose what to start with . Small tent indoors to start , Humidity will probably be my biggest problem so mold & bug resistant , easier to grow & no super stinky . Cost is also a consideration to a point . Already have pretty much everything except beans . Stuff I've liked : LA Confidental , Blueberry . Monster Cookies , Mountain Temple , GSC , NY Diesel were OK daytime smokes but I wouldn't go out my way for them . Of course the Colombian & Panama Red , SE Asian sativas from my younger days . Don't really know much ab
  5. I'm also in the process of trying Coco . Seems to be 3 main schools of thought : 1) Treat it like hydro . Small pots totally rooted out & then multiple feeds per day with as much as 20% overflow . 2) Hempy style with Perlite . Most using 2.5 to 5gal black pails . Only have to feed every 3 days again with 10-20% overflow . Takes longer starting in a bigger pot & slower growth compared to method 1 until roots hit res in bottom of buckets . Traditionally done with straight Perlite , or fill up to just above drain with Perlite & put Coco on top . Seems like this is made for a geezer li
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