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  1. Oh, I should add that I’ll want to buy at least another ounce at cost within each month.
  2. There seems to be not a small amount of debate over what a caregiver does, so, to be clear, I’m looking for a person, legally qualified, to grow 12 plants for me and provide me with a mere ounce a month for the opportunity to add 12 more plants to their grow. Is this really asking too much? Is this naïveté? Can somebody explain to me what that’s such an exorbitant request?
  3. Also, in the time that I've had him as my caregiver, he's been downright difficult to get in touch with and hasn't really presented me with a plan for conducting our business.
  4. Hello! I'm an MMP patient looking for a new caregiver. I also wanted to know how I should go about terminating our arrangement. Specifically, he has had 4 months to get something around for me and in that time he has given me one ounce. He initially informed me that I should have my meds by spring. I thought that was an awful long time, but I figured not absurdly so. He recently changed the timeline to October of next year! I told him that wouldn't work for me and offered to compensate for half of the cost of my license. To this suggestion, he started trying to bully me and turned it around on
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