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  1. It does really help. I am also a doctor and everyone knows that it is very hard to study for becoming a doctor. It is very stressful and not everyone can finish studying. One semester I failed one exam. I was stressed because I was afraid that I won't be able to pass it and I entered into a depression. I was to the doctor and prescribed me medicinal marijuana. It really helped me and motivated me to study. It doesn't cure momentaneously, you just try, and with time you come to normal. Now I am working as a dental assistant to gain experience, and understand that that time studying is worth it
  2. That is honestly some really great news. I think that a lot of people think that cannabis is bad but very few people understand how stressful getting over addiction can be. I think that any type of help with the stress and withdrawal effects should be used. I have been working as one of the coordinators at the hospital and my main area of expertise are Drug Detox and Rehab Programmes. I have seen a lot of people throughout the years and a lot of them quit midway through the program because its too hard especially in the first 3-5 days. I think that if they had access to CBD they would have hel
  3. Huh thanks for the information. I have experienced every-day pain myself so I do understand what it's like to wake up every day and feel that nagging feeling that something is wrong. After a while you kind of get used to it but it seems like all the colors are bleaker and just more muted. It took me a while to get out of that depression pain caused. It all started when after I injured my back while snowboarding. I ended up with a herniated disc and a crack in one of my vertebra in the lumbar region. I was in the hospital for weeks and working with a bunch of physical therapists. It was a
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