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  1. Zuckerburg, in no way, shape, or form did I offered anyone medicine, that is very clear. Diversify? The word is pretty obvious and so is my intention. I don't know why you are fishing for prohibited activity where there is none. I am looking for a replacement patient for a patient that has now officially left the state and has filed to be removed from my care at my request. I read a post of yours in response to a guy who was looking for a caregiver with concentrate. Did you respond clarifying you had an open spot for a patient? You did not. You just suggested you had flower to offer, whi
  2. My caregiver card is full, however I am looking to diversify my patients. A patient of mine is moving out of state. I am a Lab style cultivator, with a top shelf facility that was purpose built from the ground up. I cultivate top shelf flower and press a variety of solventless concentrates. These include many different types of hash, rosin, drisift rosin, wax, and edibles derived from pure hot pressed mechanical extraction methods. I also produce clean, pure BHO wax and shatter for those looking for that option. All my extraction equipment is state of the art. In all aspects of living, my foc
  3. Bobby, I would be willing to meet with you and see if we are a good fit. My caregiver card is filled, but I am looking into possibly dropping a patient or passing them along to someone else. I do solventless concentrates (many forms of Rosin) and BHO. The processing equipment is top shelf and the product is the best quality in its particular category. I also produce excellent quality flower. I would be willing to talk to you more, if your interested. Leave your email in response and I will private message you. Thanks
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