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  1. You should better search information according to the state you are going to become a caregiver at. If we are speaking about Michigan you can start with this article https://askgrowers.com/blog/michigan-marijuana-laws. I did not read it up to the end but I think it can be useful. I have pinned it to read but have not found time yet.
  2. I think that there is no particular rules about which strain to start growing with. Everyone chooses what he or she likes and starts growing the strain. My first strain was Gorilla Cake https://askgrowers.com/strains/gorilla-cake-strain-review and it became my favorite one. If you want to learn about the best strain you can grow in the conditions you have, it will be better to read about each strain you are itnerested in and talk to the experienced growers.
  3. I can recommend you to try Bubba Kush, It is the best choice after a hard and stressfull day. You will not mention when you fall asleep. It wil lprobably help with insomnia problem. If you want to try spmething really strong so Grease Monkey is for you. This strain is not for beginners. It hits bery quickly as it contains a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol. I tried ot once and you will sleep like you were killed. Also, a good choice when you struggle with insomnia. Also, you can check more strains here https://askgrowers.com/blog/the-best-strains-for-nighttime-use. Good research of strains that work perfectly with insomnia. I found two I have already used n this post.
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