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  1. Great points you all make in this regard. I personally have nearly everything I need to go after a class c commercial growers license, the one thing I lack is the something beyond my control. My wife, who I adore, is not going to have her name associated in any way, shape or form to the cannabis business. And as you know that is a requirement for main applicants, and while it infuriates me, I respect her wishes. I'm in the small minority as a minority that has the means and savvy to get in the game, and that's why the façade of the Social Equity Program irks me. It's more of the same. . . l
  2. As I reflect on my endeavor as a minority, that has had plenty of negative impact over the years due to cannabis, I cant help but shake my head with disgust over recent policy's that have limited freedoms, pulled the playing field beneath my feet, and allowed the affluent business participants every advantage. How does social inequity programs help a minority like me. Well they can offer me job training, and coaching on how to write a resume, etc.. Somehow that constitutes righting the years of negative effects that cannabis, along with over policing has had on the black community. I don't
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