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  1. I don't work at p4 nore have I heard of it. The question as I said was answered. Not by you.
  2. You'd be let go of. You sound fat and lazy. The reason that's on all job postings is because security companies deal with more than one contract. Duties will vary but those don't. Please quit spamming this you couldn't answer the question. Also please don't tell me my job it's obvious you don't know it. The guards who make 14 an hour probably have a cushy gig I make 1800 a week wear body armor with cam and have a long rifle. Don't assume all security is alike. Imagine if I asked about maritime security and you gave those general duties to deal with pirate around the cape lol. The question was
  3. Reddit answered this you cannot work there in any way and be compliant with federal laws.
  4. Ummm okay that's a useless link.. but thanks.
  5. I've worked dispensary security for a year. Have you ever worked it is the question? If you had you'd know security does help out but knowing where the line is with federal rules is blurry to all. The fact you can't answer the question shows you don't know yourself. I currently work at 9 different dispensaries.. all have security act in a different way which is fine. The question may need to be ask to the local DEA branch office.. because it's obvious I won't get a legit answer here. Mr googled security and think that's all locations... I legit deal with water lighting and electricity at a gro
  6. Yah but the question was asking about what can they handle. Can they collect ID cards and money or just ID cards. can they handle everything? I mean what are the specific rules cause you rambled on security at anywheres job lol..
  7. So for a armed security guard to not break any laws at a dispensary how much can he handle personally? ID, Medical card, Money, Product? I am told security can handle id's by just about everyone. Just about everyone says they can't handle product. But money is where a lot go one way a lot go another way. I'd like to know what they can handle without worry of state or federal repercussions while armed. I've tried searching this and I cannot find it.
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