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  1. Thx for your answer! Oh, nope, i am not a spammer, be sure! Sorry that i have made a post at old thread :c In future, i will try to reply only at recently created post's.
  2. Try the CBD tincture. CBD stands for Cannabinoids. These are naturally occurring ingredients in cannabis that provide people with valuable health benefits. They are responsible for the feeling of well-being and euphoria often experienced when using cannabis. There are several types of CBD available for purchase online in either oil or pill form. I prefer to buy CBD-infused oil as it is usually less expensive and provides me with more significant amounts of cannabinoids per dosage than any other type of CBD product I’ve found. Below joyorganics.com are the benefits of CBD Tinctures if you are i
  3. Where did you get your bubbler from? Is it better than a bong? I am looking for one, but I am not sure from where I should get it. I want a basic one, with a water chamber that's gonna remove the harsh taste and rough feeling of the smoke. Does yours come with a percolator? I've been browsing the selection https://mjarsenal.com/collections/all-bubbler-products these guys got and still couldn't decide which one to choose. My brother suggested I don't order it online cause the glass might break while they deliver it, but I really don't feel like going out and find the same bunny muffin I've seen
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