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  1. My addiction story is at all not as extreme as hers. She is a very strong person and hearing her story broke my heart. I was addicted to alcohol for almost 8 years. Life has been hell for all that time. I ruined all the relationships I had, lost my home, my job, my friends, my family. I was completely alone. Nothing seemed to help. Until one day, in a stream of emotions, I decided to put myself in this fherehab.com rehab center. I am very happy that that short-term motivation was enough for such a strong move for someone in my position back then. I would later “regret” this decision because withdrawal kicked in. Thankfully, I got sober and as of today, I am 6 years sober! I am now trying to help anyone who is struggling with addiction. That is why seeing Jessica and hearing her story resonates with me so much.
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