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  1. Changing to Rockwool from soil is the only that changed from a routine, effective procedure to a failing one. Basic diagnostic skills should tell you that's the issue. And it is, here's why and how to avoid it: the rockwool and whatever else is likely in that solo cup with it, is acting like a wick, continously pulling moisture from the soil to be evaporated. 3 gallon pot or 300 gallon, It will be the last thing to dry. Meanwhile your roots are drowning while root rot is thriving. Best thing you can do is avoid the technique all together, but if you must, make sure the rockwool cube is never buried below the soil line. Halfway down max, and make a buffer zone with perlite around it. Perhaps try a method I use instead. Grind up some coco with your herb grinder. Mix it 2:1:1 with clean, washed, course sand and perlite. Make a pouch of it with a piece of brown coffee filter; or press it into cube via ice cube or mini brownie tray. You can poke a hole in it just like a rockwool cube, and it will disinfect and blend right into your soil after transplant.
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