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  1. I am no scientist in a professional accredited definition. I am a lifelong sampler testing various substances with a focus on those as monstrousized by big pharma as they are partaken behind closed doors. Save your rebuke, my opinion was just a few years ago a felony crippled with sentences longer than killing or physical force imprisonment. Today my opinion is deemed essential weighed over the risk of an invisible "with" listed under multiple cause of death contact tracing. I do not watch late night TV on channels who target market the working class, dying, and disabled. The lawyers commercials promising pennies for preaproved paid out manslaughter hiding behind side effects banners more lawyers hid under profits. The scientist and robbers with chains of silent evidence caped in nondisclosures escaping out of the back door of the bank vault are sad memorials and pay hommage to the clinical trials of the FDA. Big pharma has proven to all of us more than enough times to make anyone respecting a bribery laden decision an accomplice to manslaughter. If it happened once it happens a million times. The side affects of transgender medication is a slowing or slight reversal of male pattern baldness. The side effects of sedenifil is that you begin to transition... Color, shape, dose, $. Do not cure the disease, treat, the disease, then treat the side effects. It is only deadly if the mathematics of being sued turns out to be more than profit. A corporation has no soul let me remain the fool and you do not impose the distraction of morals on an accountant only seeing numbers. For those in the know responsible for saying nothing remember your oath.. The term is selling out, there are souls behind the microscopes and the pens that sign the checks. You're trading for professional candor and respect, a bonus, a beach house, a plaque, what you are trading away and don't take this any other way like you don't make up the FDA just a few decimal points for looking the other way is Death. I know a fool. He has accomplished very little outside of love and forgiveness. He uses alcohol soaking then straining, premature trichome flower, pharma grade dmso. Administers 1 teaspoon depending. Side effects can occur from alcohol similar to dehydration from hangover. Ingested like cough syrup. The concerns regarding over dosing can result in a loss of motor functions paired with a mental sharpness that dulls perception, leaves a person overly sensitive and heavily sedated. Loss of productive hours is a concern. At regulated dose a person should remain comically enthusiastic in a plateaus state for between 3-8 hours. Concerns remain regarding habit forming, need building, risk taking, a power struggle shake up occurring within the relationships between id, ego, Super ego..., big picture fracture puzzle, or psychological depression during moreso if treatment stops suddenly. DMSO throughout remains an amplifier of dosing, a purifier of administration uptake due to sidestepping the bodies acids and filtration system. The possibility of a combination effect of roughly 420 chemicals and dymethyl sulfoxide is a concern but not nearly as promising as the accumulative partnership of 2 substances with a death rate combined less than willow bark and more positive field work than a melanoma hyper accelerating ED deemed perfect pill. The FDA approved oxycontin, fentanol... then authorized an experimental mrna genetic modification under the guise of a vaccine administered to a test subject group that includes well over half the world's population. what authority do they deserve? Don't get me wrong believe pharma/fda is out for the betterment of us all if it helps you sleep at night as opposed to taking a pill that knocks you out.
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