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  1. Good advice I saw Cervantes himself doing just that to save a plant he harvested from PW.
  2. What you are looking for is Skunk #1 that is the true Skunky smelling strain .
  3. Absolutely I don't think id be overly worried but a bit of maintenance couldn't hurt . Keep us updated.
  4. Looking at that picture I am seeing globe type crystals which looks to be just plant resins to me but without a panned out picture can not say for sure.
  5. I used green cleaner on my plants and after it dried i misted my plants to get any residue off the leaves and buds at 8 weeks id love to see how bad it is if its just on one spot of the plant id eradicate that leaf and hope for the best.
  6. I have its pretty simplistic stuff would like a better view of that to see if its just not a lot of resin frost im hoping it is because PM is a B and will spread like wildfire if not addressed.
  7. Maybe try taking another picture at a distance because if it is powdery mildew you have to address it now.
  8. Can you back off a bit and take another picture it might be powdery mildew cant tell at this angle.
  9. Adding your location would be helpful for prospective patients.
  10. My lower buds all get hard and dense I just make sure I thin the larger fan leaves to allow more light to get to the lower buds below the upper canopy.
  11. Two of my patients prefer the smaller buds dont ask why but from top to bottom it all gives me what I need as far as a desired effect and more overall weight per plant popcorn buds usually end up weighing an ounce.
  12. I take off the lower branches for clones pre flower and the buds that remain big or small all get harvested all at once.
  13. Hoping Michael can chime in and let us know if anything is going on behind the scenes on these new caregiving bills.
  14. Pricing and quality sure people can get mids and regs at a dispensary cheap but real quality is close to double or triple the price a caregiver would receive in donations . All these bills will do is send sick people back to the street corners and black market dealers.
  15. Never underestimate the power of a bunch of corrupt elites with a never ending supply of money to line the pockets of politicians. Please do your due diligence if you are a caregiver or a patient who depends on one for your medicine call your local rep and plead your case for a no vote from them on these cannabis monopoly bills .
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