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  1. Security Camera's

    Good choice love my setup .
  2. Security Camera's

    You can always get conduit that is waterproof and bury the cables .
  3. Security Camera's

    Wired for wireless cameras you would need to get a wireless booster to increase the cameras range still have heard of nothing but problems with them that's why I went with a wired system. This is the system but I got mine from Costco for $399 on sale and paid another $171 for the pan tilt dome camera they come with 60 ft cables . https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-dvr-security-system/1080p-hd-security-camera-system-with-flir-secure-connectivity/MPX88UW-1-p?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-Nf00Yur1gIVS01-Ch3X7Qq1EAQYAiABEgIKZ_D_BwE https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-security-cameras/mpx-hd-1080p-ptz-camera-with-color-night-vision/LZV2622BW-1-p
  4. You and Torey got a raw deal for sure .
  5. Security Camera's

    I have 8 stationary 1080 P and one 355 degrees pan tilt 4x zoom cameras on my house and can see and record everything and view it remotely from anywhere in the world Lorex dvr 1 TB hard drive love it .
  6. But thing is Bob its guys like these two that were clearly gaming the so-called grey area makes us all look like pot profiteers there is nothing grey about having that much dried usable product on hand our law states 15 ounces if you had another 15 on hand you might be able to claim uninterrupted supply but 55 and 25 pounds is pushing it .
  7. 80 pounds of processed Marijuana these guys are screwed..
  8. Plumber Needed

    I have strange service people in my house all the time they say nowadays they are surprised to go to work at a new customers house without a grow because it is so prevalent now just let the guy know your legal and its against federal law to reveal your status as a patient everything should be fine .
  9. Secure Transporter - anyone need one?

    Well depending on if they regulate it to death its worth a look see i have friends out in Colorado that are pulling in some major coin on the recreational side of the business im just looking to see if I can't get in on some of that gold rush money while still providing my patients with a fairly priced product.
  10. Secure Transporter - anyone need one?

    I would think that you need to be bonded and have a felony free background so you can be armed from what I understand wasn't there talk of armored vehicles as well? If legalization passes im going to be looking into investing in a storefront as a silent partner meaning cash but not any medicine im going to keep my patients and my card valid and still provide for others via the MM law..
  11. You can get your card as long as you have a condition currently covered by the law. criminal records only preclude those looking to become caregivers. those with assaultive type felonies are not eligible to be a caregiver.
  12. Almost had electrical fire

    We ran dedicated plugs and wiring to a stand alone power box in the flower room with breakers also went with 220 over 110 to lesson the amps on the wiring and box just in case I also have tank extinguishers in each grow area to give me peace of mind while I am out on the road away from home.
  13. Almost had electrical fire

    Id be very hesitant to just replace the plug something is wrong and id consult an electrician.
  14. The process of getting a card

    You bring your medical records to a cannabis recommendation clinic they view your records and do a hands on examination and the doctor asks you some questions pertaining to if cannabis will help you with your pain then sign a recommendation paper and you fill out a patient application along with 60 dollars send your patient app and the doctor paperwork to LARA in Lansing. Then they review your paperwork and as long as your paperwork is complete authorize you to use medical cannabis and mail you your card then you either grow your own or you find a caregiver in your location on here.