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  1. Kingdiamond

    Need a caregiver in Grand Blanc

    Give it time im sure you will find a good caregiver in your area from these forums.
  2. Kingdiamond


    Why wouldn't you be ?
  3. Kingdiamond

    Questions and seeking new caregiver

    First off nothing in life is free just because someone has the rights to grow 12 plants doesnt mean that they are gaining anything from the deal because they are paying for the starting genetics the soil pots nutrients and the electricity to grow the plants actually offering you a discount on the first ounce sounds like a fair deal. After saying all that the problem I do see is not being able to communicate with your caregiver my patients send me a text I call them within the hour unless im at a doctors appointment or out of town even so I send them a text telling them this my advice to you is next time you talk to them tell them that your not happy with the lack of communication and if it doesnt change then you will be forced to sign with another caregiver.
  4. Kingdiamond

    Denial letter. What now?

    No that should do and cant believe they nitpicked about something so petty.
  5. Ok you made no mention of that in your earlier post candies cookies brownies from a reputable source should help you alleviate your pain issues.
  6. I have pretty much everything you do and indicas seem to work best on relieving the nerve pain but sativas also work as well so im sure you will have no issue finding a strain that helps you with your nerve issue.
  7. Kingdiamond

    Opening for 1 patient in Livingston County

    Get clones if possible makes it much easier to get started and if your using regular non feminized seeds you wont have to go through the hassle of sexing the plants and your sure that they are females.
  8. Kingdiamond

    Member card address

    Yeah all of my cards have a po box so no its not a requirement .
  9. Kalamazoo area ok got it .
  10. Ok location would be helpful and there is a mandatory waiting period until any caregiver you sign with can dispense medicine to you .
  11. Whatever it is its not clean bud and I would give it back to whomever gave it to them.
  12. That sure like like PM to me.
  13. Well ya get what you pay for you choose to go the cheap route you end up with what the original posters posted which looks to me to be covered in mold .
  14. Kingdiamond

    Bud porn !

    First picture was Barneys farm Critical kush 2nd is Doctor Greenthumbs Bubba Kush.
  15. Kingdiamond

    Just starting medicinal

    Its a trial and error thing if you need a more of a motivational type of effect go with a pure sativa or a sativa dominant strain but im going to tell you what works for one might do nothing for another hence why I made mention of trial and error.