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  1. Zuckerburg? "My caregiver card is full, however I am looking to diversify my patients." As for your threat to report me what for this conversation here? "I dont do concentrates but i grow some great bud if you want a caregiver for just bud let me know." Me asking them if they are looking for just bud as their caregiver "If you want a caregiver' Not "If you are looking to buy bud " I asked a simple question which you could have answered without being rude your post was confusing was just seeking clarification nothing else so relax.
  2. Explain your meaning here diversify ? If your patient is leaving you can advertise for a new one but you can not in an open forum offer up medicine to others if that is what im reading here .
  3. I dont do concentrates but i grow some great bud if you want a caregiver for just bud let me know.
  4. That is not really true there will always be a demand for cannabis in a over saturated market you just have to undercut your competition by price and not try to make your retirement off of one sale.
  5. The market is flooded I can get high grade hydro for 1800 all day sometimes cheaper.
  6. Dirt is the most forgiving medium to grow in no worry's about pumps or water temps and you can survive if you lose power for a bit as well .
  7. Yeah every time I look in my mirror lol!
  8. I have an opening and have been a caregiver and staff member here since 09 if your interested in talking to me about becoming a patient send me a private message.
  9. I just use a regular inline fan and a 6 inch vent duct to pull cool air through my hoods.
  10. Id let it dry completely before freezing it is there a reason your rushing the drying process?
  11. I sent you a private message with a link to a seed bank that is carrying that strain .
  12. To be safe id gradually add more nutrients and watch for any burnt leaf tips.
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