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  1. Please explain your post is a bit confusing are you saying your over your plant count dry weight count?
  2. If they opted out that might put a limit on commercial buildings being used to grow medical cannabis id contact a lawyer and have them figure it out opting out though does not prevent you from growing on your own property as long as its not commercial and its residential.
  3. The boards need a driver to fire them up correct? Either way you got some killer results from your setup kudos .
  4. Not sure it is legal to do in Michigan especially if its crossing state lines?
  5. Have to remember about hydro you need power to keep the water flowing if you suffer a power outage in soil you can survive a day or so in hydro your screwed unless you have a generator but if you are determined to make a change they have bubble buckets that are reasonably cheap . http://www.jasons-indoor-guide-to-organic-and-hydroponics-gardening.com/bubble-buckets.html
  6. I have used the Ocean forest and Happy frog since day one but have been thinking of trying out a new medium I will have to look into these local company's,.
  7. Go to the link I provided and create a caregiver looking for patient post there you can put in the description of your ad your location and in the text of the ad you can post pictures of your grows and your products available to any patient that wants to sign on with you .
  8. You can place an ad here if you are a caregiver looking for patients or a patient looking for a caregiver. https://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/forum/136-finding-a-patient-or-a-caregiver/
  9. As long as legalization is left alone and it doesn't affect medical or recreational growers ability to grow I could care less if someones out to make a buck on gullible people its not like anything I can say or do will change a thing .
  10. $130 a quarter $480 an ounce so they give you a discount if you buy an ounce lol .
  11. $480 an ounce I stayed in my basement and smoked my own .
  12. You have to get them rooted and situated before going to the led panels at least thats how it is here in my garden but the leds produce a ton of bud sites and the girls seem to look better under the leds than with the T-5s.
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