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  1. New laws big business

    There is nothing that ive seen or heard that will affect a caregiver from continuing to grow for their patients.
  2. MI growing

    From what you say here he will not be able to grow anything but if hes married he can always have her (or him!) grow for them .
  3. Who can be my caregiver?

    Yes she can as long as she has no assault felony's or felony s within the last 10 years your mom can be your caregiver.
  4. Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    Dont know what or why you would want to refer this website as a scam site?
  5. Is Grassmatch a legitimate site?

    I used it but to be honest more people looking to just buy cannabis without becoming your patient nobody willing to sign on as a patient I passed .
  6. Searching for CG in Monroe County

    Sent you a private message check it out I have one opening for a long term patient.
  7. A patient in Midland is looking for a caregiver saw your ad and told him to contact you  here is his email address



  8. seeking caregiver in Midland?

    Here is an ad for a caregiver in your area .
  9. In Search of CG in Gogebic county UP

    I am suspecting that someone promised you free medicine monthly and got in over their heads and reneged on that promise correct? This happens all of the time my advice to you is drop them with a change form cut your losses and find an honest caregiver willing to work around your budget but please understand it costs a lot of money to grow cannabis electric costs nutrients starting genetics people make promises without factoring in all of this nothing in life is free .
  10. Totally new to vaping--basic questions

    Depends on your level of pain but just know that concentrates hit you hard and fast id take a couple of short puffs hold them let them out give it a minute that will show you how much more or less you will need.
  11. Craigslist clones

    Thanks for the info brother.
  12. Craigslist clones

    Is there a members fee to get into the shop?
  13. Craigslist clones

    Its not about being lazy its about the fear of what might happen if i come cross the wrong person and its hard to really look for roots when its in a solo cup without pulling out the stem which might lead to an argument as for my beware statement it was a desperate move that did not pan out never again not worth the headache.
  14. Craigslist clones

    I swore that I would never buy clones from Craigslist and today due to my normal clone guy taking forever I took a chance and met some young dude in Inkster and bought 7 clones for 60 bucks got home and discovered they were just cuttings pushed into a root plug now the guy wont answer texts or phone calls go figure not really concerned about the money just frustrated that we have all these people on here and not one person willing to work with me on clones is there any dispensaries that sell clones that are trustworthy?
  15. I have an osmosis filter system but was having deficiency issues and my plants looked worse than they do now I've been dealing with all kinds of negative crap this last year including not being able to get a seed to sprout so I've been reduced to just getting clones from others and going that route.