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  1. Yeah don't put them in total darkness flood the pots and they should hold you until you get back home .
  2. I know the difference between a surge and a overload my comment was meant to say that over the last 10 years ive never had any issues with surges using just a power strip as protection .
  3. I have never utilized anything like this because most issues ive come across the breakers just tripped and ive had a ton of power outages and the power coming on at a moments notice with no negative consequences.
  4. Make sure you get the original cut not that updated watered down version I ran the original for years and it was some of the best smoke ive ever had I lost in it a bug attack and bought some seeds from his website it was good but nothing like the original cut .
  5. 8 weeks or so depending on what room I have left for them to grow to the panels .
  6. What I would tell her is you buy a set amount a month and I will give you that free half you are asking for but if she spends nothing with you and just comes back with her hand out once a month thats not a offer that helps you and she is just trying to use you .
  7. Some do some do some dont I dont tell people to sign on with me by offering free meds but I have given out free meds to my patients at times when I have a bountiful harvest I do give free quarters and halfs away if the patient sends me a lot of donations I dont make the offer all the time though because it is not cheap to grow cannabis electricity genetics nutrients and time spent all cost and I only provide it to those registered to me via the state .
  8. Thai to my knowledge is a Sativa dom strain no? The higher the THC the more relaxing effect you get the cbd is more of a pain relief thing to me at least .
  9. I would think any kush would work well to help you sleep the longer you grow it the better to get the couchlock effect.
  10. Are you offering this as a free offer whats the cost ?
  11. Contact Korman law Michael is the best cannabis lawyer in the state of Michigan . 248-357-2550
  12. Right off the plant straight into the mesh hanger it cuts down on the drying time .
  13. I would think that most would be open to the mega growers but the caregiver rocking his 72 plant limit might not go over well id love to have a legal outlet so I could grow my limit to offset my costs and make a little extra cash .
  14. Yeah but knowing case law and dealing with some uninformed LEO on the side of the road two way different things id recommend still carrying it in a lock box.
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