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  1. Contact Korman law Michael is the best cannabis lawyer in the state of Michigan . 248-357-2550
  2. Right off the plant straight into the mesh hanger it cuts down on the drying time .
  3. I would think that most would be open to the mega growers but the caregiver rocking his 72 plant limit might not go over well id love to have a legal outlet so I could grow my limit to offset my costs and make a little extra cash .
  4. Yeah but knowing case law and dealing with some uninformed LEO on the side of the road two way different things id recommend still carrying it in a lock box.
  5. Yes there is the admins have the power to do this for you .
  6. Henry Ford pain clinic in Detroit are ok with cannabis .
  7. If interested in contacting this member to become a patient please send them a private message .
  8. Whiny growers? Just keep talking down to long time members being civil to you and you wont be here for long that will be your only warning we dont allow disrespect on these boards .
  9. Nonsense My power bill is $440 a month my genetics my dirt my nutrients my time are all valuable nothing in life is free if your a rich well off individual and can afford to give away free medicine good for you but saying every caregiver should give away free medicine is just not realistic .
  10. You need to ride it out and just start the next grow at 7pm every night your playing with fire messing with light schedules.
  11. Not that I noticed I have seen it a couple of times in the HPS room though over the years.
  12. Been running 24/7 since 09 not one time did I notice any issues I did try to go to 18/6 during one veg period and got massive stretch due to my limit ceiling space I went back to 24/7.
  13. Yes place a new want ad for a caregiver including your location and amount that you need monthly .
  14. The new one I ordered has a separated ballast so I can place that outside the grow box since they say it puts out around the same heat as a 600 hps I should be fine .
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