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  1. So leave them in pots to start off when do they go into the ground?
  2. Speaking out outdoor grows what is a good date to put out some plants for the year?
  3. I liked it and the patients all seemed to love it as well great effect long lasting mellow buzz good stuff.
  4. Uncle fester NYC Diesel Jack Herer Mountain Temple and a few other select strains.
  5. Go to the LARA website there should be a form for a replacement card. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Replace_Lost_or_Stolen_Card_601714_7.pdf
  6. One question once someone has felonies removed from the criminal history will they be able to posses firearms again legally?
  7. Soil temperature is likely the cause .
  8. What area are you located at?
  9. One of these days im going to have a grow building that runs off the sun exclusively also might start using rain barrels for my water for feedings. .
  10. Id kill to have such a pro looking setup like this very nice man .
  11. Hit up facebook market place I seen a ton of growers utilizing their ad space .
  12. Kingdiamond


    Get to posting you had some great grow journals .
  13. Zuckerburg? "My caregiver card is full, however I am looking to diversify my patients." As for your threat to report me what for this conversation here? "I dont do concentrates but i grow some great bud if you want a caregiver for just bud let me know." Me asking them if they are looking for just bud as their caregiver "If you want a caregiver' Not "If you are looking to buy bud " I asked a simple question which you could have answered without being rude your post was confusing was just seeking clarification nothing else so relax.
  14. Explain your meaning here diversify ? If your patient is leaving you can advertise for a new one but you can not in an open forum offer up medicine to others if that is what im reading here .
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