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  1. You already are legal according to Michigan's recreational law .
  2. Food grade diatomaceus earth Place a thin coating on your soil it will wipe them out also use this in a duster and coat the leaves of the plant .
  3. Right here you can post a want ad for a caregiver list your location and someone in your area can become your caregiver.
  4. Out of date expired links I cant see them anymore either.
  5. You take the good with the bad this guy being the bad drop them and move on and find a caregiver that cares about their patients.
  6. Anytime man you can also advertise here to find a patient just add your location and your interest in becoming a caregiver then wait for a reply.
  7. No they do not as long as you dont have any legal charges from your past that preclude you from being a caregiver you are good to go you dont need a card of our own you just have to have someone assign you as their caregiver..
  8. This woman reeked havoc on the medical marijuana community glad to see her shown the door.
  9. It is the pot size if it were in the ground or in a 10 gallon pot it would be much bigger at this point.
  10. It is showing its sex but not truly flowering yet.
  11. Nothing to worry about those are pre flowers the plant looks fine to me.
  12. I noticed that i got a alert from Firefox as well .
  13. Cover crop elaborate what is the purpose? Got a link?
  14. Cannabis plants need as much light as possible this doesnt sound like something anyone should do?
  15. I have never found the need to go beyond 5 gallon pots because the bigger the pot the bigger the plant will grow and being an inside grower I only have so much space between the floor and the hood.
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