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  1. It looks nice its a cross between G13 and Hash plant x Afghan Ghost
  2. Really then I will have to get one and check it out do they have a separate veg and flower panel or is it a all in one setup both flower and veg?
  3. What is the heat output on these things?
  4. Well maybe I need to come out into the light and upgrade to some panels and see what all the fuss is about.
  5. Maybe there have been upgrades since I last saw a comparison the LED buds I saw were light and airy with zero density are you saying that the LED lamps produce as much weight as well because I cant imagine any led panel matching the footprint of a 1000 watt HPS lamp.
  6. LEDs suck nothing produces a rock hard bud like a HPS lamp.
  7. Tricky question if your a card holder and if you gift someone seeds that part I believe is now legal but them giving you bud back in a deal or you help pay for the costs im not sure if that is legal outside or you not being connected to whomever you choose to grow via the registry ?
  8. Your welcome I have had luck a couple of times and got it at around 25 days hopefully they are not backed up at LARA.
  9. How are you drying your buds? I clip each bud off the branch and then hang dry mine in a mesh hanger then once they feel firm and a little crispy I then put the buds into a brown grocery bag which pulls the inner moisture of the bud out through it stabilizing the bud 3-5 days later into jars mine almost always taste like hash .. I think you dried it out too fast take the buds place them in a Tupperware or other container with a lid add in some fan leaves from a vegging plant to re hydrate your bud .
  10. It can happen from all ive read the last few hours as long as you dont see banana sacks show up you should be fine.
  11. Autoflower or normal seed stock? 4 weeks is pretty early ive never had any pistils turn that early in my garden .
  12. 30 to 45 days from my history of bringing on new patients.
  13. Plenty of local clone brokers why bother with outside venues go to your local grow store im sure they can point you in the right direction .
  14. Autoflowering strains yield little to no bud I avoid them like the plague .
  15. I have always watered from the top down and have never heard of anyone watering from the bottom catch disk?
  16. Overwatering your girls will stunt their growth just pick up your pots get use to the feel of each pot fully watered and dry the roots need food and water but they also need to breathe.
  17. Doesn't well water need additives? I have only used city water so not real familiar with using well water also its not unusual to see yellowing leaves during flowering each strain is different but ive ran some strains that started dropping leaves around week 3 but its something all plants do . The number one thing you need to know about growing cannabis is relax and dont stress out or panic .
  18. I give my flowering ladys all she can handle and only back off if I notice nute burn which to this point has never happened I feed one day then next time they need feeding I give them water only .
  19. Tell me more about this service? Also there is no need to constantly bump your ad to the top of the list patients can see your ad in the list of caregivers offering up their services so please limit your ads as to not clutter up the boards with the same ad in multiple places.
  20. I have been looking for the original cut of this strain for years bought some seeds from Barneys that said were the real deal the finished product was nothing like what I was growing below .
  21. I have used the mechanical timers for years on my digital greenhouse 1000 watt ballasts with zero issues /
  22. I am a staff member here been a caregiver since 09 and I have an opening and live in the 96 and Telegraph area I currently have two patients in Monroe so driving is no issue if interested hit me up in a private message and we can discuss your needs.
  23. Send him a private message through this websites message center click on his name and you will see the send a message link .
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