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  1. Hoping Michael can chime in and let us know if anything is going on behind the scenes on these new caregiving bills.
  2. Pricing and quality sure people can get mids and regs at a dispensary cheap but real quality is close to double or triple the price a caregiver would receive in donations . All these bills will do is send sick people back to the street corners and black market dealers.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a bunch of corrupt elites with a never ending supply of money to line the pockets of politicians. Please do your due diligence if you are a caregiver or a patient who depends on one for your medicine call your local rep and plead your case for a no vote from them on these cannabis monopoly bills .
  4. Make sure you send a message to the sponser of these bills Jim Lilly Republican representative to Holly and to let him know that this will force people on fixed incomes to go back to the street corners risking their lives for their medicine. https://gophouse.org/member/repjimlilly/posts
  5. These bills will be challenged and fought against im sure it is an obvious money grab by the elites in the cannabis industry.
  6. All this idiotic set of bills is going to do is get patients cut off from their caregivers and forced into the black market or the overpriced provisioning centers.
  7. Could you please cut and paste this article it is behind a paywall?
  8. Are you bringing fresh air in and then expelling from the tent? Air movement is vital in a grow room.
  9. Dont panic you will be fine for a little bit in the meantime open the flaps of the tent and let in some fresh air.
  10. I am a staff member here and a long time caregiver with one opening I am just outside of Detroit on the west side.
  11. I agree that beginner growers should go the easiest route with their first crop then move on to bigger and better things when they gain more knowledge on the art of growing cannabis.
  12. Fox farms line of nutrients have been my mainstay since day one Grow big for veg Big bloom and Tiger bloom for flower .
  13. Thanks for the info brother I use LED panels in veg but still go with the two 1000 watt hps lamps in hoods .
  14. What type of LED lamps are you using Ron?
  15. I use stakes on every plant the roots do not get damaged to the point of harming the plant.
  16. Worst part about having a card was when it expired which meant going to Ypsi and sitting in a room for hours will gladly use this service again next time my card comes up for renewal .
  17. The clinic I go to in Ypsilanti offers a televist recert service $90 complete and they pay the $50 renewal fee to the state I had my visit last Monday and got my new card today that was fast .
  18. You just have to be careful making claims that could or could not be correct thats what I always say its good weed that covers the entire potency discussion .
  19. One of my longest oldest dearest friends are a couple of chronic smokers and the mother smoked the entire time during her pregnancy she and the children came out just fine all of the kids are productive adults in their mid 20s up .
  20. Contact poster via private message no phone numbers or emails allowed in open forums.
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