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  1. Sent you a private message lets get together and talk .
  2. I have patients that depend on me to get them their medicine and have been pretty much staying in my home since this all began how are other caregivers operating over the last month the same different ?
  3. Plant rights are meaningless to a caregiver unless they are dealing in the black market nothing is free in life I suggest you grow your own .
  4. Ok here is what you need to do post where your location is and I will help edit your post to let people know where you are .
  5. Where is it saying that they are ending the MMMP Caregiver program? What I read says that they just can no longer transfer to the dispensary's ?
  6. If you already have a relationship with Michael I am sure he would give a minute of his time to get you a clear answer on this give him a call .
  7. So your blowing the air out of the room or into the veg area of this room?
  8. Depends on location as well make sure the warehouse isnt in a town or city that banned commercial spots for growing they cant stop you as far as I know due to local ordinances not overriding state laws just want to make sure there are no issue with any local ordinances that might draw the police to this building.
  9. Are you running enclosed hoods cooled by inline fans ? I run 2x1000 in a 5x10 sized room I draw air in from outside and through the hoods back to another vent that directs the hot air out of the flower room my temps lights on in the cold months stays at around 81 degrees during the summer I use a portable AC . I would need to know what you are running and if this is a veg or flower room to answer further.
  10. Sounds like a recipe for hermies to me .
  11. You are on the right track what I will do is add your location to your post description that should draw some attention to your post good luck .
  12. https://potguide.com/blog/article/cross-breeding-and-pollinating-cannabis-an-overview/
  13. Do they have that written out somewhere on the LARA website this is news to me?
  14. So its your opinion that the recreational law can piggyback or alter the medical marijuana law ?
  15. Yeah my understanding is that only the person who has possession of the plants is allowed in the grow area.
  16. I use to have a pretty good source of genetics but in some way I must have pissed him off and he wont return my calls if someone has some extras to spare or a storefront that has reasonably priced clones hit me up on private messenger .
  17. You need a dehumidifier that takes all of that extra moisture out of the room not allowing PM to grow I had it for almost a year until I bought my unit .
  18. Yeah I ran it one cycle and wasn't impressed and that long finish time turned me off never ran it again .
  19. Please explain your post is a bit confusing are you saying your over your plant count dry weight count?
  20. If they opted out that might put a limit on commercial buildings being used to grow medical cannabis id contact a lawyer and have them figure it out opting out though does not prevent you from growing on your own property as long as its not commercial and its residential.
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