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  1. Worst part about having a card was when it expired which meant going to Ypsi and sitting in a room for hours will gladly use this service again next time my card comes up for renewal .
  2. The clinic I go to in Ypsilanti offers a televist recert service $90 complete and they pay the $50 renewal fee to the state I had my visit last Monday and got my new card today that was fast .
  3. You just have to be careful making claims that could or could not be correct thats what I always say its good weed that covers the entire potency discussion .
  4. One of my longest oldest dearest friends are a couple of chronic smokers and the mother smoked the entire time during her pregnancy she and the children came out just fine all of the kids are productive adults in their mid 20s up .
  5. Contact poster via private message no phone numbers or emails allowed in open forums.
  6. So leave them in pots to start off when do they go into the ground?
  7. Speaking out outdoor grows what is a good date to put out some plants for the year?
  8. I liked it and the patients all seemed to love it as well great effect long lasting mellow buzz good stuff.
  9. Uncle fester NYC Diesel Jack Herer Mountain Temple and a few other select strains.
  10. Go to the LARA website there should be a form for a replacement card. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Replace_Lost_or_Stolen_Card_601714_7.pdf
  11. One question once someone has felonies removed from the criminal history will they be able to posses firearms again legally?
  12. Soil temperature is likely the cause .
  13. What area are you located at?
  14. One of these days im going to have a grow building that runs off the sun exclusively also might start using rain barrels for my water for feedings. .
  15. Id kill to have such a pro looking setup like this very nice man .
  16. Hit up facebook market place I seen a ton of growers utilizing their ad space .
  17. Kingdiamond


    Get to posting you had some great grow journals .
  18. Zuckerburg? "My caregiver card is full, however I am looking to diversify my patients." As for your threat to report me what for this conversation here? "I dont do concentrates but i grow some great bud if you want a caregiver for just bud let me know." Me asking them if they are looking for just bud as their caregiver "If you want a caregiver' Not "If you are looking to buy bud " I asked a simple question which you could have answered without being rude your post was confusing was just seeking clarification nothing else so relax.
  19. Explain your meaning here diversify ? If your patient is leaving you can advertise for a new one but you can not in an open forum offer up medicine to others if that is what im reading here .
  20. I dont do concentrates but i grow some great bud if you want a caregiver for just bud let me know.
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