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  1. 2 hours ago, Restorium2 said:

    I hear that. You have to use what works for you. I actually have had better growth with the LEDs. Just wanted to let you know there's plenty of success to be had with LEDs. I was surprised to see such a large retro grow these days. The cutting edge tech right now is solar panels powering LEDs as an independent warehouse grow off the grid. Green green. 

    One of these days im going to have a grow building that runs off the sun exclusively also might start using rain barrels for my water for feedings. .

  2. Zuckerburg?


    "My caregiver card is full, however I am looking to diversify my patients."


    As for your threat to report me  what for this  conversation here?


    "I dont do concentrates but i grow some great bud if you want a caregiver for just bud let me know."

    Me asking them  if they are looking for just bud as their caregiver

    "If you want a caregiver'

    Not "If you are looking to buy bud "

    I asked a simple question  which you could have answered without being  rude your post  was confusing  was just seeking clarification  nothing else so relax.







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