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  1. Doesn't well water need additives? I have only used city water so not real familiar with using well water also its not unusual to see yellowing leaves during flowering each strain is different but ive ran some strains that started dropping leaves around week 3 but its something all plants do . The number one thing you need to know about growing cannabis is relax and dont stress out or panic .
  2. I give my flowering ladys all she can handle and only back off if I notice nute burn which to this point has never happened I feed one day then next time they need feeding I give them water only .
  3. Tell me more about this service? Also there is no need to constantly bump your ad to the top of the list patients can see your ad in the list of caregivers offering up their services so please limit your ads as to not clutter up the boards with the same ad in multiple places.
  4. I have been looking for the original cut of this strain for years bought some seeds from Barneys that said were the real deal the finished product was nothing like what I was growing below .
  5. I have used the mechanical timers for years on my digital greenhouse 1000 watt ballasts with zero issues /
  6. I am a staff member here been a caregiver since 09 and I have an opening and live in the 96 and Telegraph area I currently have two patients in Monroe so driving is no issue if interested hit me up in a private message and we can discuss your needs.
  7. Send him a private message through this websites message center click on his name and you will see the send a message link .
  8. "There's no real reason to hide a marijuana plant anymore. It's not made of gold so thieves are not wanting it." You really dont believe this do you ? Cannabis plants are still worth their weight in gold maybe once the state gets overgrown that will change but for the meantime no way no how should anyone be advertising their crop to anyone .
  9. If I were a recreational grower no way would I put my business out for all to see all that does is attract thieves as for the cops who knows what the butt hurt anti cannabis warriors are going to do which we know exist in law enforcement we can only hope they adapt quickly and dont fill up the court with a bunch of test cases and concentrate on the real crime .
  10. One would think that with all the heinous crap that goes on here in the city that cannabis would be the lowest priority but reading this its being utilized as a revenue thing for law enforcement and the courts I wonder what the DPD procedure is now that cannabis is now legal?
  11. And people wonder why I have never gone to a dispensary over the last 9 years.
  12. To be honest there is not a ton of money to be made in the caregiver business most times caregivers find patients that are low income and cant afford to pay much as for location most places with larger populations are the best bets to find Patients metro Detroit Grand Rapids Battle creek etc and its not hard at all to become a caregiver as long as you dont have a criminal record like drug sales or any Violent felonies on your record.
  13. Card holders are protected in many instances where a recreational user wont be the #1 instance is if you get into a car accident and someone dies or is injured THC in your bloodstream is sending you to prison a card holder is protected I am referring to THC in your system not driving actively high .
  14. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomangell/2018/11/06/michigan-voters-approve-marijuana-legalization/#51b570fd47a5
  15. When you say fair caregiver then mention getting free medication your message is confusing ? Free medicine still costs a lot of money to produce and how is your current caregiver making up for the freebies he is giving you ?
  16. A little tip if you have any pictures of what you grow it attracts more visits and prospective patients to your post and also what strains you currently have in your garden is also helpful to find a good patient match for you .
  17. You have the power to walk away and let me guess you signed with them because they offered you free medicine right? Also making accusations like this in an open forum paints the entire program in a bad light explain how you know that in fact he is sending medicine out of state and selling to others? Because unless your living with the person or spying on them you cant prove that is whats going on you may believe that is whats going on but making those types of claims could get you a civil case for slander if they are indeed doing this they are wrong for sure but instead of dealing with this nonsense find another caregiver and just get rid of the headache altogether and remember the old adage Nothing in life is free .
  18. Growing cannabis is the easiest most rewarding thing ive ever done in my life and you can do it yourself it takes very little knowledge and they sell books to help you learn how to maintain your garden .
  19. Also a thing to consider is if you get into an accident and someone gets hurt and they do a blood draw a patient will be covered due to their medical condition for having thc in their blood stream the recreation user wont be currently isnt there a zero tolerance law for drugs in instances of driving offenses for non patients?
  20. There are some growers who do this and no unless they are selling to outside sources there is no reimbursement for doing this but in the end it usually ends up where the grower balks and stops contacting the patient because they realize that free medicine costs money to grow and get greedy . My advice for you is to find a caregiver with a good product for a fair price you can afford to pay nothing in life is free .
  21. If they are not answering it could mean they disolved the buisness or faced legal issues get yourself a caregiver .
  22. I have never claimed any of my caregiver proceeds on any tax return its confidential and isnt mandated as far as I know?
  23. If you were my patient you would be getting medicine from me at $220 an ounce $110 for a half etc .
  24. I am a dirt guy so know very little about DWC but id go with 1/4 strength nutes on my clones as to not shock them in the early stage of life.
  25. Give it time im sure you will find a good caregiver in your area from these forums.
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