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  1. Yes i have been looking for a few 40 + day strains to keep a good flow to my patient i also have skunk #1 (or so im told) thats a 48 day strain as well .
  2. Early on it worked as a great preventive measure but after your infested their useless .
  3. Yes ive been battling a holy war with hot shot pest strip resistant mites actually a super mite the pest strips are useless now so im azamaxing once a week until i no longer see them .
  4. Harvest time! Day 46 and the trichs are 80% cloudy time to make the donuts! Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Once shes dried and ready i will do my smoke report .
  5. Who are you kidding the average citizen doesn't mix well in the governments eyes they want the country to be sheep ask no questions and willingly walk to the butcher .
  6. U.S. Attorney Donald A. Davis pointed out that Congress has determined that "unlawful users of controlled substances pose a risk to society if permitted to bear arms." We are not far off from "THEM" labeling the average citizen a risk to society for owning a gun . GOODBYE AMERICA.....
  7. The only time i smoke some was at the old grilled cheese and tomato soup sunday private party it about popped my lungs and hit me wicked hard and fast i wish i would have got more background on it before the grower left.
  8. Hey bro hows about a picture of that cut i swapped you ?
  9. http://www.hometownl...dical-marijuana Birmingham Police are investigating a possible case of child neglect, in which a 13-year-old boy was injured in a small fire at his father’s condominium. The April 21 fire originated in the father’s bedroom, where investigators found several homemade marijuana pipes. The father, 42, has a medical marijuana card that allows him to grow marijuana. His grow room was located at the front of the condo.
  10. Not so fast! http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2011/01/two-men-arrested-in-austin-for-dui----on-a-horse-and-mule/1
  11. Craigslist is a bad place to buy a car let alone medical marijuana . Theres not a chance id risk it.
  12. They all look healthy except in the 2nd picture the plant on the bottom left seems to be drooping .
  13. This is what Doc listed as the cross he used to get this strain. Iranian indica x Grenadine
  14. Well its not that i was promoting her or her show it was the message she had regarding how the republicans have cheated their way to getting bills passed in Michigan without the needed super majority in fact they showed a bill being passed within 5 seconds after calling for a vote noway anyone can count that amount of votes that quickly and lawsuits have been filed on this tactic by Dem Representatives.
  15. Everything you want to know about that can be found here in this thread on Rachel Madow . http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/39310-rachel-maddow-democracy-begins-its-death-in-michigan-part-1/page__fromsearch__1
  16. Bri you owe me a keyboard mountain dew out of both nostrils!
  17. Day 43 shes been getting straight 6.4 water for the last 10 days ill give her one more watering tommorow and ill be taking her down friday night ill post the harvest pics later friday evening.
  18. Well i have one single bean left from this pack ( I didnt think it would be this good so i took no cuts ) once i clear some room ill crack her and get her in a red solo cup.
  19. Theres always people looking where are you located .
  20. Randy Richardville is a joke and his own constituants from Monroe think hes a joke basically what he told you is he wants to allow certain people to be able to use medical marijuana which likely means cancer patients only so those of us with chronic pain from nerve damage will be screwed if they follow his lead .
  21. It needs to be a secure locked enclosure that will pass inspection once its reported to law enforcement but theres way too many variables regarding outside grows thieves nosey neighbors and depending on your location strict law enforcement officers its very risky unless your out in the country with plenty of room from your neighbors id pass .
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