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  1. Like it or not man we all have to be our brothers (and sisters) keepers in this movement.
  2. We are in a tough battle with politicians looking for everything they can find on the movement to discredit us and medical marijuana one of the leaders of the movement walked through the protest crowd and said he didn't believe anyone there looked sick enough to have a medical marijuana card this just shows you how out of touch with real people they are . Blueberry also recently confirmed that they are indeed watching what happens here in these forums so I'm just really doing whatever i can to present the right message and hoping everyone else understands we are in a fight for our lives here its your law under fire as well.
  3. Not true that signature could indeed be used in some form or way against us if you have respect for our movement id please ask that you alter it as to not send the stoner message it clearly does at the end of the day this is a medical marijuana site not a cannabis worship site .
  4. That signature reminds me of a stoner not a medical marijuana patient We need to show a good example to those in political power that we dont just sit around smoking weed we are much more than that its our medicine and showing a figure sitting down watching a joint man and weed leafs on tv sends the wrong message about our movement imo.
  5. I recently kicked a 4 year addiction to hydracodone i was taking 2 850s daily for that period of time i finally decided no more ill go straight natural with medical marijuana. I had heard of a drug that helps with the discomforts of withdrawls from the opiates so i asked my doctor to prescribe it for me my doctor said if i wanted this i would have to go to a Detox center or check myself into rehab I promptly told her your fired then i walked into the clinics supervisors office and filed a complaint for lack of care my take is shes mad cause i chose a natural remedy over the poison doctors prescribe to receive kickbacks via big pharm to get us all hooked on so now i was no longer her customer so i was of no use anymore.
  6. You did know how much compensation you were going to receive before signing on with this patient no? Everyone needs to examine each patients needs and amount they can afford to pay before signing on with them that way you don't have to come here and vent when it doesn't work out..
  7. (MORE LIKE) Mr Governor, what can and will you do about this huge mess? His response was: "I don't have the time to focus on the MMMA issue right now (NOR DO I CARE ). I did not know that about Bill Schuette, I'll look into it (NOT).
  8. How can the average American citizen look at a story like this and still consider voting republican? As long as politicians are allowed to abuse their positions of power for their own beliefs this country is headed for chaos what you see in Egypt Syria and lybia will be nothing compared to what we are soon going to see on our own home soil. I always thought survivalists were crazy building bunkers and hoarding supplys now I'm wondering where they do all their shopping at .
  9. Aint that something state flunkys using the feds to force a conviction on someone unreal how sick this makes me feel .
  10. http://www.freep.com/article/20110912/NEWS06/110912045/State-Lansing-medical-marijuana-dispensary-owner-gave-free-pot-voter-registrations?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE Shekina Pena, owner of the medical marijuana dispensary Your Healthy Choice in Lansing, was arraigned in Lansing District Court today on charges of violating Michigan’s election law for allegedly providing free marijuana in exchange for customers agreeing to register to vote.
  11. Apparently that doesn't matter in Oakland county its all about convictions to Cooper and Boooochard..
  12. That came out during my hardcore stud wearing metal years in the 80s i loved everything about it very refreshing to hear something so different from the norm back then .
  13. Let it cook as in laid out on a tarp in the sun or indoors ?
  14. Man if she builds a veg room that will be a awesome bud factory for her patients wish i had the room and the cash to do that.
  15. I do know of a few people who sell off plants but usually only teens not sequoias.
  16. Absolutely bringing plants in from another location is detrimental to your grow area i got two cuttings from my brother two weeks later my growrooms been assimilated and ive been fighting the borg like mad but i think ive taken out the beasts only time will tell .
  17. Go Bisharoo I love all of those guys huge Steve Marriott fan i got to see him and Frank Marino and Mahogany rush in the Toledo sports arena in the late 70s after Frampton left and who my age didn't love Uriah heep! Magicians birthday stealin easy livin sweet Loraine wow it gives me good spine tingles thinking about them and what kind of an impact they had my young rock and roll mind back then i was immersed in a bohemian type neighborhood open cannabis use free to all the entire town would converge on that little park and revel through the night i feel blessed to have grown up in that era of time . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E-tCigMeD0&feature=related
  18. Yes this really doesn't sound too feasible if shes got money she needs to build a complete grow system for both veg and flower so she wont have to depend on others.
  19. Yea nothing worse than driving back from the store seeing your block closed off and your house in flames ive done everything i can to ensure safety and im still not done im hiring a electrician to run 220 lines directly into my grow area to pull some of those amps off the breaker box.
  20. Yea even the clones i took off her preflower bit the dust so once i get my pest issues eradicated and my grow area scrubbed ill be germinating a couple more beans and starting fresh.
  21. I operate like i did before i was legal the less who know the better.
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