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  1. Who knows what kind of ridiculous stringent rules the state will come up with but remember the licensed grows laws might not be the law that the average caregiver is held to time will tell but seeing how its progressed over the years its got hit with more rule than less .
  2. Same difference you cannot give anyone any cannabis without fear of prosecution to my knowledge there is no type of waiver to grant a company to do testing on your cannabis please understand I am only telling you this for your personal safety you never know if a prospective patient could be an undercover police officer.
  3. To apply to be a caregiver you need to find a patient that names you as their caregiver there is a change form that grants you that patients 12 plants and grants you the ability to help asist them in the use of medical marijuana the process takes from 18 days to 40 days to be approved things you cant have on your criminal record are assaultive felonys and or any felony involving drugs .
  4. Providing samples is illegal and you can be charged criminally for doing so just a heads up providing medicine for anyone not connected to you via the states MM registry is forbidden by state law .
  5. Well going to be cleaning house and remodeling my room and using only metal trash cans from here on out something is kicking my plants arse and only one strain has withstood the onslaught and tonight I saw some leaf curl and burn on them as well thought it could be poor air circulation but now learning this im going to be changing the way my room is set up.
  6. Thank you for the clarification it clears up a lot for us here as far as checking out your company's validity . We just went through a software update and the classifieds section is in the works please understand we have a responsibility to insure those advertising caregiver services are legit the questions were just to get the info we needed to get an idea of who you are and what your business model is .
  7. Oh it is but when a 3rd party comes in and try to profit off of other caregivers that brings up questions as to who is this We you keep referring to and not giving a straight answer does your organization have a name is it a registered LLC company?
  8. Nobody has to pay anyone to find patients they can do that for free here in these forums . Also our server fees are not free since you are using our website as a cash cow should you not be helping with the cost to run the website ? We accept donations for server costs.
  9. That was very informative thank you for posting that .
  10. There are caregivers that will work with you on prices but you have to understand growing cannabis gets very costly at times my light bill on average runs around $482 a month .
  11. Its been tough on me this year as well but in veg plants will be doing great and then all of a sudden the lower branches leaves get all crispy and burnt.
  12. I would use only water for the next few feedings and see if it slows or corrects the problem to me it looks like they got too many nutrients.
  13. So correct me if I'm wrong you are willing to pay for the doctor visit and the state fees for a new patient? What is your motivation in this situation?
  14. I also question this posting via a private message he isn't offering up a lot of info to figure out what and who this group is he is referring to?
  15. Good news after hearing from the pain doctor friend of the court is no longer contesting my patient's card and after a visit to her doctor on Monday she can resume her legal use of cannabis thank you to all of you for your knowledge on this case it is greatly appreciated.
  16. Thanks guys I forwarded everything said here in this thread and will keep everyone updated on the progress.
  17. What are the guidelines for the program isnt there something specific saying that a cardholder cant be refused custody of their children or visitation being a card holder?
  18. My 1st patient from 2009 is having issues with friend of the court in Livingston county her ex is a total jerk and is demanding that she be forced to submit to drug testing she went in front of the friend of the court yesterday and the Judge told her that she has to stop using cannabis and drop her card she has serious back problems to the point where they prescribed her Fentanyl patches but when she applies the patch it makes her nauseous sick and cannabis is the only thing that helps alleviate that looking for ideas or possible legal avenues to help her out ?
  19. You can always get conduit that is waterproof and bury the cables .
  20. Wired for wireless cameras you would need to get a wireless booster to increase the cameras range still have heard of nothing but problems with them that's why I went with a wired system. This is the system but I got mine from Costco for $399 on sale and paid another $171 for the pan tilt dome camera they come with 60 ft cables . https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-dvr-security-system/1080p-hd-security-camera-system-with-flir-secure-connectivity/MPX88UW-1-p?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-Nf00Yur1gIVS01-Ch3X7Qq1EAQYAiABEgIKZ_D_BwE https://www.lorextechnology.com/hd-security-cameras/mpx-hd-1080p-ptz-camera-with-color-night-vision/LZV2622BW-1-p
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