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  1. Day 18 the girls are looking marvelous and im getting ready to transplant them tommorow.
  2. Well tell you what i do to keep my garbage safe from prying eyes i keep a trash can in my garden area everything i dont use goes into this can then into a hefty bag i then take it with me to an undisclosed area and toss it into a dumpster all along watching to see if anyones following me .
  3. Whats the difference caregivers wont be allowed to grow yet patients can? I think they must have meant use not cultivation .
  4. Going from 12-12 back to the vegetation lighting cycle might stress your ladies and cause hermies so yes i would also take some cuttings before putting them back to veg.
  5. My opinion is that this thread is a perfect tool to use against the medical marijuana movement and needs to be removed asap! Really is it a good idea to even discuss anyone using their cards for anything but compassion or treating their illnesses ?
  6. Really when was this and why did you not file a lawsuit for malicious prosecution?
  7. I hang dry all the buds leaving the stems on for something to catch on the twine in the dry closet. Once the buds are crispy yet still a little moist i brown bag them until properly dried then all the buds go into widemouth mason jars every day for the first week or so i open up the jars and transfer the buds into a fresh jar then let it sit open for 10 minutes then reseal it so far Ive not lost one bud to mold.
  8. Vey nice! I Am currently flowering a DJ shorts blueberry a friend gifted me he had finished one up and i was lucky enough to smoke some of the finished meds whoa this stuff smells like blueberry pie and resins up like a stick of tar very solid strain I'm very interested in acquiring some of DJ shorts beans to add to my seed bank.
  9. Once my clones and seeds grow to 12 inches they go into the bloom box because they usually stretch another 2-3 feet during flower.
  10. I was torn between endless sky and trainwreck and trainwreck won! My next journal will be endless sky high thc heavy yielder and looks awesome!
  11. No worries some plants put out uneven leaf counts i had a ubc chemo that my buddy gave me that was 3 leaves up the entire plant. Id be more worried if the leaves were discolored or burned you should be fine.
  12. That list kinda reminds me of my diary from the 70s and 80s .
  13. Lose leaf count as in they are yellowing and falling off the plant or ?
  14. How was she ? Was there a lot of stretch ive been told by a couple of people that shes a difficult grow and buy some tomato cages for her stretch ?
  15. I support all of the troops and hope they all come home soon but dont kid yourself every war fought in the last 20 years has been over lies and half truths. I love my country but dont trust the goverment at all.
  16. Theres an article in todays freep please go there and light up the uniformed public and show them the errs of their ways. http://www.freep.com/article/20101103/NEWS03/101103083/1320/Leader-Medical-marijuana-fight-undeterred
  17. Sweet spread the love! I wasnt trying to be pushy just love the back story on this strain .
  18. In the power hungry council members mind I'm sure they think they can do whatever they please since they THINK that they can ban a substance the state says is legal by enforcing federal law on their city level which any good lawyer can tell you is wrong just like Wyoming claiming they will charge you with a crime for ignoring a lowball city ordinance . I cant wait until someone challenges one of these "moratoriums "and once the constituents see the negative effect IE lawsuits that will bankrupt their city's maybe then the ordinary uninformed public will make their leaders see the light
  19. Free leonard is a FREE STRAIN everyone who was gifted this strain is only suppose to hand it out FREELY which is what i hope your doing here . This is meant to keep Swampys name alive amungst our movement its what his wishes were before he passed .
  20. As in dirt hydro or? 5 patients plants you have to run perpetual broke down in 3 divisions 1 veg 1 flower 1 clone group once you get it dialed in it should go as follows harvest - veg plants to flower take clones to replace each set you send into the next phase before sending plants into flower take more clones .
  21. Once my ladies hit 12 inches they go into the bloom box any taller i run out of room i sometimes get a 2-3 foot stretch during flowering . To get the maximum out of my flowering times i use twine and tie the buds up as close to the 1k as possible my yields are great and the buds are super dense and crystaly .
  22. Moving right along day 12 Once the roots get a nice formation going they will be transfered into 3 gallon pots for the remainder of the grow.
  23. No way no how would i give anybody any of my personal info let them come find me if they think they can.
  24. Unfortunatly until your change of caregiver forms makes it through the MDCH backlog of paperwork this guy will contiue to do this maybe you can try to contact lansing and voice your concerns that way maybe they might cut off his access to your card #.
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