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  1. Because of lack of space ran out of room and moved the bushes to the bigger space
  2. Look into the ceramic metal halide lamps they say one 315 watt bulb works as well as a 600 watt hps .
  3. Grape soda Grape ape and Girl scout cookie in the LED room Chem dawg and pre 98 Bubba in the HPS room 6 plants each room the HPS room pulled 21 and a half ounces dry and the led room 6 to 8 because some are still drying the quality from the LED room is great but for all I put into it I expected much more .
  4. Wel i have finished my first full LED grow and I am very happy with the quality but as a caregiver that needs to pull as much weight as possible to keep my 5 patients supplied its just not applicable for my needs I am sure if I did a scrog type grow that would be better for a better yield but from what effort I put into this grow it just was pretty much a weak harvest and yield .
  5. Hydro jack used them for years maybe he can chime in here .
  6. They all saw how much money was being made in Colorado and figured that its a good source of bribes and kickbacks .
  7. Lets please keep this thread civil . I went out and got the material to build a screen and just topped some sugar babys and will be doing two to four plants in the screen one question I see a lot of these scrog grows where the pots are 1 or two gallon pots what is up with that?
  8. I just went and picked up the materiel to build a screen for my LED area my goal is to get a screen full of bud sites this time to increase my yields in that area of my grow room .
  9. I am starting to harvest my LED grow so far im disappointed in my results the LED panels just don't penetrate the canopy like the HPS hoods but as far as quality im loving what im seeing stacked trichomes and the colors are amazing my next run I will be adding a screen and spreading out the plants bud sites to get a more uniformed canopy .
  10. In that case it sounds like you are drowning them the rockwool holds a good amount of moisture alone adding it to wet soil means even more will get sucked into the rockwool that to me sounds like your true issue and not lights used.
  11. Rockwool sucks I use my ez cloner straight into fox farms light warrior making sure a healthy amount of roots are showing.
  12. Ran into a disaster powers been out since Saturday at 4:30pm spent 5 hours trying to get my pos Husky generator fired up to no avail first thing yesterday I went to Lowe's and bought a new 6500 watt unit hoping that the missing 6 hours doesn't seed me to death with hermies .
  13. I love this thread its going to open up a lot of peoples eyes and minds on LED panels I just picked up 10 clones 5 different strains my plan is split the order in half and do a true strain comparison and see what each side yields under each light source.
  14. Hey Gary what kind of weight are you getting from the panels compared to the old HPS setups?
  15. I like what I am seeing but one thing I think that could help is running a more spread out level canopy or maybe a scrog grow to get multiple tops through a screen because the upper canopy is exploding with growth but halfway down is struggling to get sufficient light .
  16. Day 36 of flower dealing with a slight PM issue but got it under control plants are looking frosty as Hell .
  17. If you have a caregiver opening set up a post with all of your info on it with location pictures of product etc it is much easier then piggybacking another caregivers post.
  18. No first you find someone to name you as their caregiver you send in a change form if they already have a card to change their plant possession to you if you can find a new patient that has not submitted their patient papers yet you can also have them name you that way as well .
  19. You first need to find a patient to name you as their caregiver that is the way you get to become a caregiver .
  20. Id look up realtor .com and look for commercial space in your area and find out if they are 420 friendly landlords.
  21. Some people use molasses I always sought out the best strains with the most attractive flavor my preference is a hash taste or im a big fan of the berries strains as well im currently growing Grape ape and Grape soda both smells very intoxicating cant wait for the first hit .
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