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  1. I am sure it is a few degrees hotter but its in the outer part of the laundry room so not that much of a difference Id think .
  2. Yep dirt in pots same way since 09.
  3. It was easy to see what the LED panels were not reaching so I cut a ton of the lower undeveloped branches off this morning before I went to bed anything that had good bud structure was spared as for another panel im running 2x1500 in a tight cabinet like space don't think more light is the answer because that is a 6x4 foot space I see a lot of frost on the leaves that I don't see in the HPS room I can see that the quality might be better but weight doesn't look like its going to be close .
  4. Today is day 27 so just short of 4 weeks .
  5. No I dont do any low branch culling at all and go through the pain of trimming those lower buds which seem to do well in the 2x1000 watt flower room I will be raising one of the girls in the LED room tonight and get her directly under the panel she is just not popping out buds like the taller plants are.
  6. How is it a messed up run ? Other then a few days under the panels I really wouldnt consider that a total failure at the start and how am I suppose to trim back to match the nodes on the HPS side ?
  7. Side by side comparison at the moment as far as girth and bud structure the HPS room is destroying the panels the panel rooms buds are more prevalent but the HPS room buds have more girth and feel tighter I know its too soon to give a clear idea of how things will end up but so far its looking like a clear win for the electricity hogs .
  8. Agreed I think a SCROG grow would be best suited for these panels .
  9. I do see more bud sites on the LED grow for sure .
  10. Looking at both rooms which were started on 6-3 the HPS room buds look much bigger then the LED room buds i am running both the veg and the bloom switches on the panels is this possibly messing with the plants photosynthesis?
  11. Shocking hearing that come out of a LEO from Nazi Germany but that is great wonder what Boouchard thinks about legalization and Jessica Cooper?
  12. What kind of offers are they making per ounce not that i have enough to move anyways lately I have not been able to keep pace with my patients.
  13. First off lets keep this civil You cant force anyone to give you a single bud for free the 12 plants that you allow a caregiver to grow is purchased cared for and harvested by the caregiver unless you paid ahead of time or gave him the seeds or clones the plants do not belong to you in fact your not legally the owner of your plants since you signed away your plants rights to your caregiver. Taking all of what I just said all in please understand a ton of work goes into growing cannabis, its a daily task and the majority of caregivers I know personally do not grow the entire limit they are allowed in the law case in point I have plant rights to 5 patient cards and a personal patient card that is 72 plants in the 10 years I have grown not once have I ever exceeded 30 plants in both veg and flower most times its less then 20 for all of my patients and I only provide to those assigned to me via the registry. My advice to you is to find a caregiver and discuss matters and quit thinking that your 12 plants entitles you to anything but a good product at a fair price which at $100 to $125 is clearly a steal in today's market and if the caregiver chooses to give you free medicine which at times I do be grateful for that and quit acting like your entitled your clearly not .
  14. My plants are looking incredible im getting some major stretch out of a couple of them but outside of that they look very nice.
  15. My plants have never looked better but im getting some major stretch because of the panels being so far off the top of the canopy but when I had them lower the leaves started to get a bleached out look day 8 of flower im praying that I dont run out of ceiling .
  16. Indeed those lights fry my eyes without them you can get a good pair cheap on Ebay.
  17. Really when did they take down the ads because about a month ago I went looking to see if any heirloom cuts were floating around on CG ?
  18. I am sure there are im from Detroit so keep your eye out . .
  19. As long as no money trades hands to my knowledge yes .
  20. Yeah I have never seen such green lush plants in my grow room im going online tonight to see about ordering some high power panels for my grow room .
  21. So in flower am I suppose to use both the veg and bloom on the panels or just the bloom?
  22. Flipping the switch to 12-12 at 7 pm tonight will be using my old camera to provide some insight on this first LED grow more to follow.
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