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    Kingdiamond reacted to Wild Bill in Forum Love   
    If you have the room to do it I would suggest you try growing your own. It saves you money and you always know where your meds came from and can be sure nothing harmful has been sprayed on it.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to Hydraulic Jack in Ventiltion in an 10x10 room? HEAT PROBLEMS!   
    Mini Split...My room is 10 x 10 and I got one a couple years ago....Best thing I ever did...HJ
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    Kingdiamond reacted to Wild Bill in Charlotte Figi, Colorado Girl Who Inspired CBD Movement To Control Seizures, Passes Away From Coronavirus   
    Charlotte Figi, Colorado Girl Who Inspired CBD Movement To Control Seizures, Passes Away From Coronavirus
    April 8, 2020 at 4:30 pm
    DENVER (CBS4) — Charlotte Figi, a Colorado girl who was among the first children to be treated with cannabidiol (CBD) to control seizures, has died from complications related to COVID-19, according to the Colorado Sun. She was 13 years old.
    Charlotte’s story changed the way people viewed the use of CBD and she appeared in a 2013 documentary by CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
    “Charlotte’s story directly impacted thousands of families across the globe and has changed the face of cannabis in many ways,” The Realm of Caring Foundation, an organization co-founded by her mother, Paige Figi, stated. “Your work is done Charlotte, the world is changed, and you can now rest knowing that you leave the world a better place.”
    Charlotte was born with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. With 300 seizures a week, she couldn’t walk, talk or eat, and no medications worked. Her family had almost lost hope.
    “I was wishing for no more suffering because we had nothing else to try,” Paige Figi told CBS4.
    Then her family learned about the type of marijuana that’s low in THC but high in CBD. Paige began giving Charlotte cannabis oil potent with CBD and her seizures nearly stopped.
    The strain of cannabis was renamed “Charlotte’s Web” — and when word spread about how successful it was, desperate families flocked to Colorado.
    The Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014 was named after Charlotte.
    Last week, Charlotte was hospitalized, for the first time in years, Paige said. She was discharged two days later.
    Then, on Tuesday night, family members posted that she had passed.
    “Charlotte is no longer suffering. She is seizure-free forever. Thank you so much for all of your love,” a family member wrote on Facebook.
    If public health officials verify her death was related to the coronavirus, that would make Charlotte the youngest victim of the pandemic in Colorado so far.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to zachsmom in Wayne county caregiver needs clones   
    Hi, did you find your clones?  What strains were you looking for? I've got GG#4 (lineage), Gorilla (Expert), White Widow (Dinafem), Sour Diesel (RQS), OG Kush (00 seed bank).  Will have Black Widow, Acapulco Gold, Bruce Banger, others coming up.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to zachsmom in Wayne county caregiver needs clones   
    No but I come for chemo weekly
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    Kingdiamond reacted to Wild Bill in Anyone using Royal Oak tap water for soil grow?   
    I live in Ferndale and for years my water came out of the tap at 6 ph. A couple of years ago they put in new water lines and it wiped out my whole hydro system overnight. My guess was some additive they put in for the new pipes.
    Ever since this happened the water from the tap is now 8 to 8.5 ph.
    Definitely let the water sit before using it and adjust the ph as needed.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to glued gorilla in Savvy Patient   
    If you already grow your own, and you just want protection of a medical card, why not just pay the $40 to the state and keep your card? Are you just greedy and want someone to pay your way and give you an ounce a month? Will you be donating for meds outside of that ounce? Just seems like you want to take advantage, good luck finding a sucker!... Oops I mean caregiver🤣
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    Kingdiamond reacted to Laughing Pat in Recreational Sales   
    Prefer to grow my own. Rather pay 150/oz than whatever they feel like taxing.
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from blackhorse in Savvy Patient   
    Plant rights are meaningless to a caregiver unless they are dealing in the black market  nothing is  free in life I suggest you grow your own .
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    Kingdiamond reacted to garyfisher in Savvy Patient   
    is this some type of joke?  I'll give you an application to be my patient.  I charge a $500 application fee.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to blackhorse in What can i do with my overages/ caregiver   
    This is way I read it also. Caregiver's can still have 5 patients and same plant count.
    No change to caregivers who only sell to their patients.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to Restorium2 in Lighting Tricks.   
    Sounds like a lighting malfunction and then a power outage.
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from blackhorse in Lighting Tricks.   
    Sounds like a recipe for hermies to me .
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    Kingdiamond reacted to QualityMeds2.0 in Patient seeks caregiver in Grand Haven Mich   
    I'm fairly close to you. I'm an experienced caregiver with a patient opening. I grow all organic, high quality, and affordable meds. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Kingdiamond reacted to Nexxy in Patient seeks caregiver in Grand Haven Mich   
    Thank you so much man!!!!
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from blackhorse in Patient seeks caregiver in Grand Haven Mich   
    You are on the right track what I will do is add your location to your post description  that should draw some attention  to your post good luck .
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    Kingdiamond reacted to KLAW Blog in Case Dismissed-Case Closed   
    As it goes, my clients were overcharged with crimes involving drugs, guns, bombs and money. We litigated this case for over three years including 5 days of preliminary exam testimony, and several motions litigated at the District Court and the Circuit Court.
    We had made several appearances in circuit court in our continued effort  to challenge the governments search and seizure of evidence because of the illegal “Knock and Talk”
    Knock and Talk
    When the police don’t have enough evidence to get a search warrant, they sometimes employ a procedure they have nicknamed “knock and talk” to investigate further.
    Courts have ruled that a police officer has the same right as an everyday citizen (for example, a Girl Scout selling cookies) to visit your house, knock on your front door, and ask to speak with you.
    Unfortunately, abuses of the “knock and talk” technique are now rampant.
    Two Cases
    Two somewhat recent cases in Michigan have helped clarify the law in this area.
    In one case, from 2015, when no one answered the front door, the police started walking around the property knocking on back doors and side doors until they spotted some marijuana through a window in the back of the house.
    The instinctual fourth amendment argument is that the police need a warrant before they roam around your back-yard peering into your windows.
    In July 2016, however, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal without deciding the issue.
    People v. Radandt
    That same month a similar case before the Michigan Supreme Court, was heard, arguing that a so-called “knock and talk” violates the Fourth Amendment when it is conducted in the middle of the night.
    Michigan Supreme Court – People v. Radandt 2016 Michigan Supreme Court 2016 PDF Michigan Court Of Appeals – People v Randandt vs Fuller 2014 People v. Frederick;  People v. Van Doome
    In June 2017 the Michigan Supreme Court agreed with this argument and held that the police were trespassing, and therefore violating the Fourth Amendment, when they woke up suspects and their families in the middle of the night to interrogate them in their homes. People v. Frederick; People v. Van Doorne;
    In People v Frederick, 500 Mich 228, 895 NW2d 541 (2017), the supreme court considered the scope of the implied license a homeowner extends to the general public in People v Frederick, 500 Mich 228, 895 NW2d 541 (2017).
    The police had visited defendants’ homes during the early morning hours (4:00 and 5:30 a.m.) and knocked on the door. After conversations during which both defendants consented to searches of their homes, the police searched the homes and recovered marijuana products.
    The court concluded that the procedure was not a permissible “knock and talk,” which is permitted because the public, and the police, have an implied license to approach the door, knock and wait briefly to be received, and then, if not invited to stay longer, leave.
    The court reasoned that the scope of the implied license is time sensitive and that generally there is no implied license to knock at someone’s door in the middle of the night.
    In exceeding the scope of the implied license, the police were trespassing. The trespass, coupled with information gathering (the police were seeking to find something or gain information), constituted a search under the Fourth Amendment, and because the police did not have warrants and no exception to the warrant requirement existed, the approaches violated the Fourth Amendment.
    The court further held that defendants’ consent, even if voluntary, was invalid unless it was sufficiently attenuated from the warrantless search. A court considers the following factors in making that determination: (1) the temporal proximity of the illegal act and the alleged consent, (2) the presence of intervening circumstances, and (3) the purpose and flagrancy of the official misconduct. The court remanded the case for a weighing of those factors by the trial court.
    Back to the Case at Hand
    The facts of this case were very similar to the Fredericks case.
    Here several officers ( some in uniform,  some in raid gear and none of them in girl scout uniforms), in several different vehicles, (some marked some unmarked),  encroached and trespassed upon my clients property, came into the back yard and insisted that FANG had the authority to do a compliance check of their medical marihuana grow.
    We took issue with the coming into the back yard, because it was a trespass. We also took issue with the concept that a multi-jurisdictional task force has the authority to do a compliance check for MMMA behavior, or would be able to determine compliance if they did have the authority and by asserting the authority ( that they did not have), directly impacted the volition of the alleged consent to search.
    MCL 333.26426 (g) Possession of, or application for, a registry identification card shall not constitute probable cause or reasonable suspicion, nor shall it be used to support the search of the person or property of the person possessing or applying for the registry identification card, or otherwise subject the person or property of the person to inspection by any local, county or state governmental agency.
    The evidentiary hearings had been very contentious, and it may be fair to say that the investigators and officers in this matter did not like my suggestions that they had trampled all over my clients 4th amendment rights.
    Status Quo: Overcharged
    The original overcharging of by the prosecutor’s office is a common practice.
    Anytime allegations involve the combination of narcotics and firearms (even if licensed, registered, CCW or CPL) Prosecutors love to charge felony firearm. Felony firearm mandates a 2 years term of imprisonment in the Michigan Department of Corrections to run consecutive to any other sentence.
    The jury instruction is complicated, and sometimes a compromised jury will think it is doing a favor for the accused and find him or her not guilty of the underlying felony and guilty of the felony firearm only. This is illogical in any legal analysis but does not matter and will still result in a mandatory 2 years in prison.
    Bomb Making Charge – Because It Exploded
    One of the more outrageous and memorable examples of prosecutors overcharging, and incidentally was one of the counts dismissed at the exam, was for the crime of bomb making.
    This count was literally created by the police after seizing legal fireworks, ( what are commonly known as M80’s- flash powder) then testing the fireworks (they blew off some fireworks)  and then created a report that concluded  that the fireworks were bombs because they created an explosion.
    As I said this count was dismissed at the exam, but this bomb making count is just another example of the awesome power that the prosecutors have. They are literally the “Kings of the Court Room.”
    Kings of the Courtroom
    The Kings of the Courtroom (and Queens) run their kingdom like a well-oiled machine. They have the awesome power to charge any crime they want.
    It is only the Prosecutors who can add to the charges, amend the charges, increase or decrease the charges or dismiss the charges. And of course, they have absolute immunity from civil liability while doing it.
    This is the reason that 95-97 percent of people charged with crimes plead guilty.
    “A study by Northwestern University Law School’s Centre on Wrongful Convictions found that 46% of documented wrongful capital convictions between 1973 and 2004 could be traced to false testimony by snitches—making them the leading cause of wrongful convictions in death-penalty cases.
    The Innocence Project keeps a database of Americans convicted of serious crimes but then exonerated by DNA evidence. Of the 318 it lists, 57 involved informants—and 30 of the convicted had entered a guilty plea.”
    “The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America,” said Robert Jackson, the attorney-general, in 1940. American prosecutors are more powerful than ever before.
    The Pressure to Plead Guilty
    Several legal changes have empowered them. The first is the explosion of plea bargaining, where a suspect agrees to plead guilty to a lesser charge if the more serious charges against them are dropped.
    Plea bargains were unobtainable in the early years of American justice. But today more than 95% of cases end in such deals and thus are never brought to trial.”
    “Jed Rakoff, a district judge in New York, thinks it unlikely that 95% of defendants are guilty. Of the 2.4m Americans behind bars, he thinks it possible that “thousands, perhaps tens of thousands” confessed despite being innocent. One reason they might do so is because harsh, mandatory-minimum sentencing rules can make such a choice rational. Rather than risk a trial and a 30-year sentence, some cop a plea and accept a much shorter one.”
    Battle Weary: Back to the Case at Hand
    As it goes, and only because of our hard work, my client’s will, desire and commitment to this battle, today we were finally rewarded.
    Clients were beyond joyful for the results today, but even with that said, it is hard to really understand, unless you live through it, just how overwhelming the State can be when they want.
    All charges were dismissed as to one of the accused, and a plea to a few benign misdemeanors, with immediate sentencing to fines for the other. Case over.
    It was a long hard battle and one that we were prepared to continue. The motivation to resolve as we did today, was primarily because the allegations in this case had a lot of potential liability.  which was one of the motivations to resolve the case as we did.
    Case Dismissed – Case Closed…It was a good day.
    See the Court Register of Actions Here
    Case Register Of Actions-Smith
    Case Register Of Actions-Burns
    The post Case Dismissed-Case Closed appeared first on Komorn Law.
    View the full article
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    Kingdiamond reacted to True Organics in Detroit Area Caregiver Looking for Patients   
    I grow top-shelf, organic flower and also provide concentrates and CBD products at prices well below the dispensary.  I currently have one spot available, PM if interested. 
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    Kingdiamond reacted to wjkingsnorth in Question about genetics   
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from Wild Bill in Question about genetics   
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from blackhorse in Question about genetics   
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from Restorium2 in Question about genetics   
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from RealBlaze365 in Do caregivers give their patients free meds?   
    What I would tell her is you buy a set amount a month and I will give you that free half you are asking for  but if she spends nothing with you and just comes back with her hand out once a month thats not  a  offer that helps you  and she is just trying to use you .
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    Kingdiamond got a reaction from RealBlaze365 in Do caregivers give their patients free meds?   
    Some do some do some dont  I dont tell people to sign on with me  by offering free meds but I have given out free meds to my patients at times when I have a bountiful harvest I do give free  quarters and halfs away if the patient  sends me a lot of donations I dont make the offer all the time though because it is not cheap  to grow cannabis electricity genetics nutrients and time spent all cost and I only  provide it to those  registered to me via the state .
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