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  1. Great post Restorium! Glad things are going well for you...here we are a year later. Hope all is still good!
  2. My best grows were in a tent. If your dead set on the closet, I would listen to what GG has to say.
  3. I give Blaze a 100 mg of CBD a day. I'd give him more if I could. I'd like to give him the 5000 mg that some CW products have but at 500 bucks a bottle.... He is also on a very small amount of RSO daily as well. About a rice grain size worth. Still trying to build his system up to that. Pre and pro-biotics and turmeric as well but that's another story.
  4. Where you smoking in the vehicle? Wondering why he asked you right off the bat if you had weed...?
  5. She definitely has a ways to go still. Looking good though!
  6. I think its more of a "help you find the strain that works for you" tool than anything else.
  7. Yes, I'm well aware of that, thank you. Unfortunately, I don't trust that source. Never was too crazy about bcbuddepot. I've heard too many bad stories.
  8. Let us know how it goes HJ! Gotta love Free Leonard, its a great strain. I need to get her back in my garden again. Don't know why I let it go to begin with....agh....
  9. Nice selection.... I grew out the TGA Space Dawg and got two different phenos out of a pack,
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