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  1. Now Langing has 40 days to aamend it for there liking ? or pass it to the people
  2. Thank you MMMA for all your hard work i would love to come to Lansing i am not sure if that would help please let me know
  3. Great information Consular Thank you The Picture is Charlie and me
  4. Yes i do Miss Chocolate lots of Fun and rain Lol
  5. DETROIT (WXYZ) - A metro Detroit man who was a pioneer in the medical marijuana business is behind bars, serving more than 5 years, in a case that has some asking if he was the victim of selective prosecution, or if his time behind bars is an appropriate punishment for criminal activity. His family, his attorney and his peers all believe he's being singled out for what others are still getting away with right now. Rudi Gammo was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison. Supporters say that's longer than some child molesters, who have gotten out in 3 years or less. "My husband is every
  6. Wow! That was great thank you keep fighting the good fight Sir Komorn Law Rock's
  7. Published 8:36 p.m. ET March 15, 2018 Forty medical marijuana businesses across Michigan got an unpleasant visit Thursday from state officials and the Michigan State Police, ordering them to stop operating. And those visits are just the beginning. Hundreds more are expected to get cease and desist letters in the coming days. The state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs began the process of shutting down medical marijuana facilities that are operating illegally and haven't submitted applications to the state for a license.. "Any business that didn't apply for a li
  8. Detroit — Several people were arrested Friday night after police raided an east-side licensed medical marijuana dispensary that was hosting what authorities described as a “flea market” selling a variety of cannabis-laced foods. Police say about 150 customers were at Five & Dime dispensary on the 2000 block of Dwyer when they arrived at about 7 p.m. Many of them were not medical marijuana patients. The business had several tables displaying brownies, cookies, bottled juices and candy all laced with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — the chemical compound in marijuana that causes a eu
  9. Wow! Great read Not only do they take your stuff but you will never be the same from the day of being raided it will stay with you and your family for life Thank you Komorn Law
  10. Yup its Joel The System took a toll on Joel like it does to so many of the sick and the ones that take care of them with Cannabis me and that their Bob Knuckle heard took him to Court many time to support him we where their and watched to hole trial Or should i say Dog and pony show in witch it really was I am sorry Joel you had to live your last days of life in a Court room R.I.P
  11. R.I.P Joel https://www.irakaufman.com/mobile/detail.php?id=6863
  12. 20180301_C333484_39_333484.OPN.PDF publicdocs.courts.mi.gov:81/OPINIONS/FINAL/COA/20180301_C333484_39_333484.OPN.PDF
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