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  1. Looks like u been busy... keep up the fight!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work. It helps all of us to have faith that we will win in the end.

  3. blueberry

    Blueberrys Test Album

    Blueberrys Test Album
  4. Miss you buddy how's everything


  5. It must be nice to have so many friends.

    And I happen to know that you have alot more than

    (just a measly) 178.

    Kindest regards,


  6. im glad you enjoyed my performance at the loft your words in the green room were truly kind i pride my self on my songwriting ability... great rally i look forward to the next one!!!

  7. You amaze me Joe, you cast such a huge shadow, yet Shine a Brilliant Glowing Light. Thank You for filling me with this Wonderful sense Pride. You and Miss Shawn will always have a place in my heart and a safe haven in my home. Please, spread my Love.


  8. Hi Bird, Thanks for being a hero for the cause. Every time we step up, because it is the right thing to go, we diminish the tyrants, that control our government, Thank you my friend, Blueberry

  9. Had a blast yesterday fights for our rights alongside you in Muskegon hope you had a safe trip home. looking forward to the wake up call to Lansing on the 25th. thank you for all that you do for the cause.

  10. Hello blueberry, i am pretty new to the site and since my better half has been far more established then i hes told me much about it. So i joined as well. Hes more on the forefront then i but i back him all the way and he is a friend of yours on here and speaks highly of you. I am passionate about this cause and was wondering if i too could add you as a friend? Thank you and have a great day...

  11. Cant wait till you come up to our meeting on the 19th..

  12. I miss you and all my friends from Cereal City. Soon, I hope I'll have time to come hang down at the club! Tell everyone hello for me. Thanks, Joe

  13. Just dropping by to say HIGH,hope all has been well w your family and your self! Sure do miss my BB....

  14. Happy Holidays BB. Thank you for all you have done, and all that you continue to do.

  15. merry christmas my friend!!

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