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  1. PGT #380 - Keepin It Real

    PGT #380 - Keepin It Real View the full article
  2. As much as I hate it, I have to disagree with this based on the current state of the law. Assume for the sake of argument that we are discussing the most straightforward arrangement - the husband and wife patient-caregiver arrangement. One spouse's patient card will read "Authorized to Possess Plants: NO" while the other spouse's caregiver card will read "Authorized to Possess Plants: YES." The unfortunate problem becomes, if there is a police interaction while the patient is alone in the caregiver's grow room, is that the patient will have a card that explicitly says "Authorized to Possess Plants: NO" while they are possessing plants. I personally think that situation is to be avoided.
  3. We have submitted another petition to add autism as a qualifying condition under the medical marijuana act. Watch the site for posts on the subject as the petition works its way through the process. There will be scheduled public testimony in Lansing in a few months, please plan to be there if you can.
  4. MMMA Endorses Dana Nessel for Attorney General 2018

    If you have joined the Michigan Democratic Party to help Dana Nessel get the nomination for AG, ***and you have not yet received your card*** post here or message me and I can help follow up to make sure you are on the books for the April 15 convention.
  5. Recently un enrolled from program can I purchase gun?

    Your patient registry information is confidential. No firearm seller will know you are a patient unless you tell them.
  6. PGT #379 - Don't Take My Stuff, Man View the full article
  7. Mi law regarding caregivers requirements

    The case you are discussing, I think, Is People v Mazur. The attorney on that was David Rudoi. You may be mistaking Hartwick attorney Fred Miller, since Hartwick and Tuttle oral arguments were held in the same session.
  8. It is a good idea to call your state representative about this bill also, it will really help patients and their caregivers. Find your representative here: http://house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/frmFindaRep.aspx
  9. Michael Komorn and several patients and their caregivers who have been subject to abusive forfeiture proceedings are offering testimony regarding House Bill 4158, requiring a criminal conviction before forfeiture, at noon today in Lansing. Watch the live stream here: http://house.mi.gov/SharedVideo/VideoPlayer.html?data=2
  10. PGT #378 - Shut the Window

    PGT #378 - Shut the Window View the full article
  11. PGT #377 - When You Gonna Wake Up View the full article
  12. THC/CBD Shots

    I have seen those pills, and also those that are having so much trouble they can only take liquids. And those that really struggle but still take them as prescribed. That is why I suggested what I did. I am just saying a lozenge might be easier for some patients for various reasons.
  13. THC/CBD Shots

    My understanding is that sublingual absorption is much faster than gastrointestinal absorption, and doesn't have to be metabolized before passing into the bloodstream. Gastrointestinal absorption and subsequent metabolic action produce 11-hydroxy-THC in the bloodstream, while direct sublingual absorption results in delta-8-THC or delta-9-THC in the bloodstream, more like smoking or vaping. I have heard anecdotal reports that lozenges work better than any other nonsmoking method for headaches. Also, chemotherapy can make it very difficult to swallow even a small capsule.
  14. THC/CBD Shots

    I always thought lozenges were a great delivery mechanism (both sublingual and ingestion), I wonder why they are not more popular than infused foods and beverages? I would think they would be more popular than capsules, even.