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  1. zapatosunidos

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  5. zapatosunidos

    If Rec Pot Becomes Legal, what about MM

    If someone can be kicked out of housing for marijuana, if someone can be fired or not hired for marijuana, if someone can have their child taken for marijuana, our job is not done. If someone can be arrested for exercising a right under the influence of marijuana, if someone can be denied marijuana on probation or parole or under any circumstances whatsoever, our job is not done. In fact, recreational marijuana is essentially meaningless. Nothing which is illegal now for a patient is made legal by recreational marijuana legalization.
  6. zapatosunidos

    If Rec Pot Becomes Legal, what about MM

    Recreational marijuana provides little protection for cannabis users beyond the ability to purchase it. Any type of discrimination goes for a cannabis user under a "recreational" marijuana regime - it's just another drug like booze. We must protect medical marijuana or people will really lose access; and I don't mean their store will close.
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  15. What's up with all the zombie account pic updates?