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  1. This, along with the current maneuvers by the Trump DOJ and IRS, are important facts in a sea of unknowns and misinformation.
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  4. The pharmacists used to make alcohol tinctures of cannabis from dried, ground cannabis they would buy from the pharmaceutical companies. It was pretty standard practice back then for other medicines, too. But they nobody does that these days. Stick with Marinol, fellas, you'll never be able to sell marijuana.
  5. Almost had electrical fire

    For some reason I thought 10 gauge was required on 20 amp circuits, but maybe that is just with a run of a certain length from the panel.
  6. until
    Baldwin Public Library 300 W. Merrill Birmingham, MI 48009
  7. Ignore the conclusion in the headline (because I think it is entirely too simplistic), but there are important facts within this article that those interested in the cannabis business should know. This will never happen, for obvious reasons. This is because it is an active law enforcement investigation, exempt from FOIA. I can make more comments, but the entire article has lots of facts that people should know before attempting to get involved with the new commercial medical marijuana program, even if the conclusion of this lawsuit isn't ultimately proven. http://www.thecannabist.co/2017/09/01/doj-irs-marijuana-secret-investigations/87255/
  8. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    There is a cover sheet to be completed with the petition which requires contact information and a signature, that is all, really. It is best to go to Lansing and give testimony also, but we can assist with written testimony if that is impossible.
  9. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    We now have anxiety and diabetes covered, thank you! Just 9 more to go!
  10. Seeking petitioners for new MMMA conditions!

    Thank you, we have a petitioner for pain, arthritis, and insomnia. Four down (including autism) and 11 to go! Please contact me if you want to get involved!
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    PGT #363 - Off the Rails View the full article
  15. The MMMA has drafted 15 new petitions to add qualifying conditions to the MMMA. Each of these petitions cites the required peer-reviewed studies, which provide ample evidence of the efficacy of marijuana to treat the condition. The last step before submission is to complete the cover sheet, which includes a petitioner name and contact information. Michael Komorn will be the secondary contact, in case there are any legal issues with the petition. While we do already have a volunteer petitioner for the new autism petition, the rest are still open. Please submit your name to be a petitioner on one or more of the following conditions: 1. Anxiety 2. Arthritis 3. Central Nervous System injury 4. COPD 5. Diabetes 6. Digestive tract disease 7. Fibromyalgia 8. Heart disease 9. Insomnia 10. Menstrual cycle 11. Opioid dependence 12. Organ transplant 13. Pain 14. Parkinson’s disease Please contact myself or t-pain via PM if you want to get involved. chad@komornlaw.com