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    PGT #404 - Random Rules

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    PGT #401 - My Ride's Here

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    PGT #399 - Half Cocked

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  8. This is the most unbelievable article I’ve ever read on this. They actually describe the physiological reason that taking a hot shower helps with an irritated stomach, then go on to describe the doctor’s rigorous diagnosis of CHS “belly ache: check, hot showers: check, marijuana: check -- BINGO we have a winner!” Ask your doctor if he or she thinks this is a solid diagnosis: I’d love to see how many undiagnosed vomiting episodes they have come through their ERs. I guarantee they have more undiagnosed like this than CHS diagnoses, I guarantee it. Those people do NOT obtain the proper diagnosis, because they do not know how to answer the marijuana question properly. Their illness remains a mystery. I wonder what they diagnose if the person says "yes, I smoke marijuana, but it is the weak kind, not the strong kind" or "I don't smoke marijuana, I eat it." Doc: "Well it can't be CHS unless you are smoking the new super skunk psycho strain. You can't get this from smoking your father's marijuana from the 60s. I'm afraid you have a mystery illness." They are then not given the clueful medical advice to "put down the bong or blunt." Thanks Docs! And can you believe that pharmaceutical anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic drugs help – it’s a miracle! Also, it’s super super complex: It is too bad that after 80 years of doctors and the medical establishment lying about cannabis, they just can't seem to give it up. http://www.sacbee.com/news/state/california/california-weed/article156399114.html
  9. zapatosunidos

    If Rec Pot Becomes Legal, what about MM

    If someone can be kicked out of housing for marijuana, if someone can be fired or not hired for marijuana, if someone can have their child taken for marijuana, our job is not done. If someone can be arrested for exercising a right under the influence of marijuana, if someone can be denied marijuana on probation or parole or under any circumstances whatsoever, our job is not done. In fact, recreational marijuana is essentially meaningless. Nothing which is illegal now for a patient is made legal by recreational marijuana legalization.
  10. zapatosunidos

    If Rec Pot Becomes Legal, what about MM

    Recreational marijuana provides little protection for cannabis users beyond the ability to purchase it. Any type of discrimination goes for a cannabis user under a "recreational" marijuana regime - it's just another drug like booze. We must protect medical marijuana or people will really lose access; and I don't mean their store will close.
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    PGT #395 - The Working Man

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    PGT #391 - Vertigo

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    PGT #390 - Government Mule

    PGT #390 - Government Mule View the full article
  19. The panel recommended that director Mike Zimmer add autism to the Act a couple of years ago, but he denied even after the panel approved 4-2. This is the second time we have run an autism petition. On this petition, the vote was 5-1, and we flipped one of the members that previously voted "no." I have a good feeling about the final determination.
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  21. Yes, please come to Lansing tomorrow to testify for the petitions we've submitted. Even if you don't personally have the condition, if you have a loved one, friend, or family member that suffers from it, or finds relief from cannabis for it, you can testify on behalf of adding the condition to the list of qualifying conditions under the act.
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  23. Michael Komorn and several patients and their caregivers who have been subject to abusive forfeiture proceedings are offering testimony regarding House Bill 4158, requiring a criminal conviction before forfeiture, at noon today in Lansing. Watch the live stream here: http://house.mi.gov/SharedVideo/VideoPlayer.html?data=2
  24. zapatosunidos

    PGT #387 - Rat Bastard

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