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  1. Thanks restorium2, my nut reply was to glued gorilla not you.. i just thought that its better to be informed then ignorant and simply that..thanks for your reply
  2. And what kind of nut are you?..lol..where do i say anything about wanting him busted, yet alone narcing on him.all i wanted to do is find out what fine he,d be facing should he get caught, a $ 10, $100 or a $1000 fine with community service.he,s my friend. I,ve been a member of this site forever and now i remember why it is that i haven,t posted for so long.because of members who just don,t think before they post.
  3. question: my non-card carrying neighbor has scattered a dozen plants around on his property, they're not enclosed or very well hidden and i was curious if anyone might have an idea of what price legally he,d have to pay if caught.. he seems to think that leo isn,t even going to bother with guys like him because everyone is doing it. I think leo is going to pay for their black helicopter with somebody's money..lol
  4. i get a kick out of the VA's logic,,, they'll give me morphine but drug screen me twice a year to make sure that i don't use MMJ,, in a state where's it's legal ..wtf..lol...i feel for the folks that can't get the help they need because of a closed mind.../bp
  5. Looking for caregiver with discretion in Rochester area but don't know how to go about finding one.....any assistance welcome

  6. welcome friend,we can always make room for another "pretty good" grower here....you'll find we are all expert growers,,just ask us if you need help..lol..bp
  7. i always say if you're goin' to wish,,wish big..lol..i'll wish this time...Sessions has to resign because of failing health and Bernie Sanders replaces Trump in a special election after Trump and all staff, including the V.P., are convicted of treason...now we're talking..lol..bp
  8. i've grown it twice,,it is one of my favorites.very tasty,,,nice buds,,good structure,,delicious..what else you need to know about it?...lol..bp
  9. i had the same problem with the same unit,, after replacing the bulbs several times i gave up and went back to magnetic s,looking back at it now i think it may have been caused by the cold temps my room was at when firing up the lights...i've never had the problem before or after using a magnetic ballast..i knew it drove me crazy because i tried two replacement ballasts and like 4-5 bulbs../bp
  10. i've been growing in hempy buckets for years,,,just 3 parts perlite 1 part vermiculite in a hempy bucket ,nothing else...then if you're looking for a easy, sure fire, pretty much fail proof grow,,,use fox farm nurts.,hydro schedule...ph +/- 6.. rain water and cal-mag plus... it will grow some fine meds...the only thing it doesn't carry well is the nose as the smell is good but more subtle...that can be tweaked in the last couple weeks if you want a heavier smelling plant but i like the fact it doesn't stink the place up so bad...anyway that's my two cents on the subject..lol..happy growing to all...bp
  11. if you're going to go ...get there early...i went to applebees with my brother last year and couldn't find a place to park and a wait line of 2 hours to be seated...lol..thanks anyway...bp
  12. why would you give the rich a better tax rate when they're not paying any taxes now?.lol. i suppose they want a refund on the taxes they didn't pay.....oh so much fun here..i often said that we on this site should keep our political views limited to our front lawns and not posted here, but i just couldn't resist..lol..sorry folks..bp
  13. did you just consider running the assholee over ?,,,that would have been my first thought..i had a DNR guy pull me over, he say i was weaving all over on a two track...i told that fool to show me the yellow line because i must have missed it..i was legal and no ticket was given...bp
  14. i use rain water in gallon water jugs,,,20 of them...with 2 -30 gallon plastic barrels as back up..i haven't had any trouble collecting it during the winter..i have a down spout into a tub when it freezes i drag it in the house let it thaw filter into the gallon jugs...you still need to adj. ph..bp ps water collected before the freeze may have mosquito larva in it..
  15. what would you think the DEA would say about MJ? their whole world revolves around the evils of the devil weed..take it off the list and jobs will be lost, they'd lose money, power and influence in government...i can see it now..if these guys had their way, water would be a schedule 1 drug..declared as a gate way to alcohol addiction..if we can just stop those kids from drinking water they won't start drinking booze...we need more money and people to fight this war against water addition...lol..makes sense uh?..bp
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