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  1. OK so you're an " EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER" and looking for autoflower clones?
  2. sub4me wants cannabis users in prison. smells like a pig to me.
  3. also remember that your forced air furnace will DRY up your house real soon, i use humdifiers in the winter. right now i'm pulling 3 gallons of water a day from my dehumdifier. also make sure your hydrometer reading is accurate, most are not, check it outside with weatherunderground.com you should be able to get a great deal on a dehumidifier right now.
  4. as i proved on page 2, sirhuffsalot is a hack out to scam the med scene. why do you guys put so much stock into THC% when it's always inaccurate or greatly exaggerated. potent is potent. if you want to really learn how to yield huge, look at these examples, making whoopee untouchable. Heath Robinson, vertical grown trees, "I flower all my plants at an EC of 1.2 regardless of system its a waste of nutrients to feed at higher levels if the plant doesn't need it. In grow they ar at an EC of 1.2.". https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=181239 Humboldtlocal a
  5. you should research more, a simple search for +-3 days of 60 days flowering, cut paste, http://en.seedfinder.eu/index.php?SUCHE=SEEDS&GO=JA&SW=*.*&wasgeht=around&Zahl=60&SORT=Dauf Grüne Hessin - Single seed from one bud resulting from a Jaggen-H... Clone Only Strains Indoor NLX - Legendary Northern Lights / White Widow Hybrid.... Clone Only Strains Indoor, Outdoor Orange Bud X Blueberry - Breeder: Overdozed GenetiXXX... Clone Only Strains Indoor, Outdoor Purple Urkel - Purple Urkel, also known as Urkel, Urkle, Purple U... Clone
  6. thanks i do lots of research those seem to be the ones with the least haters of. i hope to add soon the norcal ortega clone, las vegas purple kush, green crack and blue dream.
  7. that flower time gives you a lot to choose from. most strains have a pheno or two that can finish around that time. is there any other trait you're looking for. what do you want to smoke yourself, what type of taste and high? pineapple express sounds like c99 to the T. sour 60, finishes 60 days from seed but that's an autoflower.
  8. as stated, flushing is very important, i really like HG drip clean for maximizing water usage. some excellent reads for you all... best harvesting time http://www.rollitup.org/harvesting-curing/210501-zeuss-take-harvesting.html achieve a perfect cure https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=156237
  9. not plastic, it has to breath. you will probably get mold if you do this. where i live 47 is the coldest forcasted temp in the next 10 days. i think you'll be safe, even if you're in the UP, i'd give you until October 1st there. what you have to worry about is the cold + wet mornings with little sun on your plant. that is a recipe for disaster. wind helps too, is the air open, is there flow on the plants? i had 15% mold last year, almost none the year before. butane hash oil is a safe way to extract moldy resins. if your plant just won't finish and it's not a cold tolerant
  10. THEN TEACH US SOMETHING. all is see is a bunch of BS lies, nothing ground breaking or any advanced techniques shown. post a feed chart, or an operational flow for your OP. you got nothing bro. listen to my advice that i gave you cause it will step up your game and smoke some haze, it will set your head straight. so you've operated thousands of rooms, harvested millions of plants across the globe and now you're looking for medicine to trade for. i'll let you have my roaches in this ashtray if you sweep my floors.
  11. glaucoma1 doesn't have them come back again and again. just saying.
  12. 38% THC?! LOL. then you said haze sux. you lost all credibility with those who know what's up. you are no master grower by anyones standards. nice try.
  13. you say it's so easy it's one for the newbs but i think newbs have the hardest time understanding the main component of your setup "good basic understanding of the plants behavior" 33 gallons of fox farm light warrior and 1K per plant is pretty expensive to run. not to mention start up costs. 600 watt HPS is the most effiecent light out there. i bet you could improve your results with smart pots, texas tomato cages, coco coir, house and garden nutrient's coco a/b and drip clean. your pictures are impressive but you are no master. always room for improvement. what's your veg tim
  14. what's easier than no pest strips? spraying floramite, avid, forbid one time and they're gone until they're physically brought back in to the room through whatever vessel they travel on. one thing i notice with no pest strips is that growers who use them have to use them over and over. does that really cure the problem? just like neem oil, only temporary fix, eventually mites prevail again. save the health debate for another thread, lets keep this about effectiveness.
  15. HUH? you don't understand that some strains yield more in the same perfect environments? you can't yield 2 pounds under any light with some plants, even if they had a year of veg. the strain "pure kush" or any autoflowers are an example. if you think 2 pounds is a limiting factor for you then discover something called hash. many styles can achieve this too, SCROG, SOG, vertical, trees, NFT, DWC, coco coir, soil, not rocket science at all but it has to be under HID lighting with a high yielding strain.
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