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  1. Good point! In this case the local prosecutor, sheriff, and multi-county drug task force all know who we are, and have visited the grow location.
  2. We have just a pond liner on an otherwise bare concrete floor, plants right on the floor in 5 gallon buckets, in an insulated 600 sq. foot. building. We like the cool concrete floors, and so do the plants, but we also have lots of light -- we space our lights much closer than the OP was talking about. I built this place using painted wood walls, since I wanted to be able to attach or hang things wherever I wanted. Next time, though, it will be something mold-proof and water-tight. I like that metal roofing idea.
  3. Whoa, time travel! We've moved on to another recipe, perhaps not technically a tincture anymore. We've moved from alcohol to MCT oil. MCT oil is easily absorbed by the body like alcohol, but more easily tolerated by people who have to avoid alcohol. Our baseline recipe normally uses BHO extract/concentrate, at a concentration of about 28:1 (28 parts MCT oil to 1 part BHO by volume, or 1/8 tsp BHO dissolved into 3 1/2 tsp MCT oil. It dissolves well and mixes easily and thoroughly, as long as the oil is warmed up a bit. We've also gotten the starting material extract using ethanol as a
  4. I've had an Ideal Aire 24k Mini-split running for well over a year, a DIY model I installed myself. It's cooling 6k of lights, bare-bulb, in 2 sealed rooms right now. The 24k AC keeps up just fine with the heat load from 6 bare bulbs, but I'm not adding any more light, and I'm glad I didn't get a mini-split any smaller than this one. I've been very happy with performance and efficiency, but I think the next build larger than a few lights would involve a chiller. Once the mini-split is installed it's not very easy to change the setup, and it's been difficult to get the second room coole
  5. Anybody have much experience with this? I've typically either trimmed fresh or hung rootless plants upside down for drying. I was already planning to try drying the entire plants with roots for the next harvest. Since they're in 5 gallon coco pots they'll probably need to dry right-side-up / root side down, but I haven't dried that way before. Our attempt at a legal harvest involves a few people, preferably three: One cutting and trimming buds and two people processing scraps, trim, popcorn buds into ice-water hash. I know fresh warm buds are less desireable than frozen, but this way
  6. That's an excellent point. Scares the happiness right out of me most every day.
  7. I'm with LongHairBri. Similar electric bills, consistent back a year or so. Output back a year or so averages enough to cover electric, nutrients, grow equipment (amortized over 3 years), facilities build (rooms, security cameras, etc. amortized over 3 years) at an average expense per nice trimmed ounce well under $200. This is still far from an optimized operation. I didn't try too hard for optimization yet, since I couldn't legally handle the output. I haven't included real estate in my expenses, admittedly. That was part of the optimistic business plan that got wiped out by my p
  8. mms://mhrwms.house.mi.gov/session That's a direct link to the video stream. It currently displays only a message, "Up Next: House Session at 10 AM" edit: oh, missed it by a few minutes, ...
  9. I have an Aposonic DVR (http://www.amperordirect.com/pc/c-security-dvr/security-aposonic_A-S0802R22.html) with regular old-school security cameras connected to it. The DVR box was about $300 -- not the cheapest but definitely not the nicest either. When an alarm is triggered the system can automatically upload video by FTP to the site of your choosing. In my case, I set up an FTP server overseas, outside the jurisdiction of the local, county, and state police. Alarms are triggered either by built-in motion detection or external alarms.
  10. Beautiful as always Tarzan, great stuff! What sort of butane did you use? Could you share a local source with us? I'm considering a larger BHO run this harvest, so I'm looking for a good deal on clean butane.
  11. I've had a Solo for a few months, bought as a replacement for my old wooden log-style Purple Days vaporizer. I agree with the previous guys that the Solo is a great portable vaporizer with fantastic battery life. It's main drawbacks for me have been: Stinky smell -- seems to be some off-gassing from chemical residue (on the batteries? circuit board?), but it is mostly curable. I disassembled mine and wiped it down with ISO, and the smell is almost entirely gone. Glass stems -- I like glass as much as the next guy, but I carry this thing around every day and worry about breaking stems. O
  12. Thanks for the story Zerocool! There has also been quite a bit of investigation into a similar link between addiction issues and therapeutic use of Ibogaine. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/ibogaine/ibogaine.shtml
  13. I see nobody has mentioned THCFarmer yet. Lots of good growers there, but also a fair share of that dreaded drama and occasional silliness.
  14. Thanks for the reminder Budz. I finally got SWMBO to give me a Tuesday evening free, so hopefully I'll see you guys tonight.
  15. No Tell No Smell No Sell A lot of people take those as the 3 Big Rules of how to avoid trouble. I've found that to work well on a small scale, but not as well as your grow and list of patients expands. I've been anonymous, and I've had people watching me and looking for opportunities to rip me off. I prefer anonymous.
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